K12NN: American Statistical Association has just released a very important document on Value Added Methodologies

VAM/AGT and other neoliberal corporate reforms have all scientific validity of phrenology. They're just as racist as well.

First published April 9, 2014 on K-12 News Network “The President of the United States and his Secretary of Education are violating one of the most fundamental principles concerning test use: Tests should be used only for the purpose for which they were developed. If they are to be used for some other purpose, then […]

An investigative documentary into the Common Core State Standards Initiative

BUILDING THE MACHINE (2014) – Official Trailer [HQ] I want to use the same disclaimer here that I did the last time I posted Common Core State Standards (CSSS) related materials from sources that I disavow any connection with. The video is produced by, and also features, individuals that are from fringe-right-wing groups. The last […]

November Guest Commentary by Joining Forces for Education’s Ellen Lubic

Duncan and Obama

Joining Forces for Education was formed in response to Ben Austin’s public school bulldozer outfit, the Walton Family Foundation funded Parent Revolution. Ellen Lubic occasionally contributes to Professor Ravitch’s site. Obama : With Banksters/Common Core/Race to the Top/College for All, and other fantasy legislation vs. Reality and Vocational Ed We, the People, wanted to believe in […]

Common Core’s nonsensical, corporate questions confuse even Shinonome Nano!

Corporate Core Confusions

Common Core’s nonsensical, corporate questions confuse even Shinonome Nano! #CCSS #LAUSD http://t.co/L1qOH2gQqi — Robert D. Skeels (@rdsathene) November 12, 2013

Research proven: School Libraries and Free Voluntary Reading. Unproven and expensive: CCSS and iPads

The Power of Reading : Insights from the Research by Dr. Stephen Krashen

Research proven: School Libraries & Free Voluntary Reading. Unproven and expensive: #CCSS & iPads. #LAUSD @skrashen pic.twitter.com/Cg2z5Z7uxM — Robert D. Skeels (@rdsathene) September 26, 2013 The former means engaged critical thinking, but the latter leads to more corporate profits and increased market share for PSO, AAPL, MHGE, NWSA, and others. The Power of Reading : […]

EPSLP: College Ready? Alliance Charter Corporation’s big scam

School Privatization and Neoliberalism are Big Business

First published on Echo Park Patch on September 20, 2013 “If the American public understood that reformers want to privatize their public schools and divert their taxes to pay profits to investors, it would be hard to sell the corporate idea of reform.” — Professor Diane Ravitch “However, within this market, competition exists in several […]

Dana Woldow: Denying Children Food is Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

Dana Woldow: Denying Children Food is Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

Los Angeles parent-activist sounds off on CCSS

Common Core State Standards CCSS represent the corporate sector's latest attempts to privatize education and cash in on harmful standardized testing

“We had 23 different language groups at my son’s school. How can one common core be relevant to all of these very different people?” — Teresa Sitz, LAUSD Parent-Activist I founded Communities & Families Resisting Proposition 39 Charter Colocations along with several families fighting against the privatization project’s latest ploy, the colocation. While the group was pretty 90026 specific (we have two […]

As a UCLA student and SUPE member, I endorse this campaign to halt TFA

Students Resisting TFA Campaign

As a @UCLA student & @supenational ally, I endorse this campaign to halt @TeachForAmerica #TFA http://t.co/2jWnpbhvm1 pic.twitter.com/uekP064VJr — Robert D. Skeels (@rdsathene) September 15, 2013 As a UCLA student and a Students United for Public Education (SUPE) member, I endorse this campaign to halt Teach For America’s colonialism and participation in the neoliberal school privatization […]

Trinational Coalition’s statement of support for teachers in Mexico

Trinational Coalition for the Defense of Public Education

LETTERS TO THE GOVERNMENT CAN BE SENT TO: LIC. ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO Presidente Constitucional de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos enrique.penanieto@presidencia.gob.mx LIC. OSORIO CHONG MIGUEL ANGEL Secretario de Estado secretario@segob.mx LIC. CHUAYFFET CHEMOR EMILIO Secretaria de Educación Pública emilio.chuayffet@sep.gob.mx SEND COPIES TO: seccionmexicana.coali@gmail.com Maestra Graciela Rangel de Michoacán sección XVIII: rasagas@live.com Prof. Eligio Hernández de Oaxaca […]

Joining Forces for Education’s statement on using Broad’s Jaime Aquino’s resignation to push for authentic reforms

Eli Broad's tentacles of neoliberal austerity and privatization exceed even Orwellian dystopian visions.

First published on LA Schools Matter on September 14, 2013 “Once Broad alumni are working inside the education system, they naturally favor hiring other Broadies, which ups the leverage…” — Sharon Higgins While Los Angeles’ corporate media bemoans scoundrel Jaime Aquino’s resignation, replete with descriptions of tears from fellow Broadyte John Deasy, there are other […]

Chomsky’s concept of engineering opinion illustrated by Broad’s Jean-Claude Brizard

Eli Broad's tentacles of neoliberal austerity and privatization exceed even Orwellian dystopian visions.

“But as long as people are marginalized and distracted and have no way to organize or articulate their sentiments…” — Professor Noam Chomsky Broadyte Jean-Claude Brizard was interviewed by the right-wing Fordham Institute a few days ago, and excerpts appeared in a Chicago publication. Not wasting any opportunities to vilify teachers and demonize organized working class […]

Response to Joe Nathan’s hawking for tech industry profits

School Privatization and Neoliberalism are Big Business

Charter charlatan Joe Nathan has made a decent living pushing privatization and pimping poverty. A regular participant in the active comment section on the Professor Diane Ravitch’s blog, Nathan can always be counted on for advocating neoliberal education reform and corporate profits. Today was no different, with Nathan effectively defending the demise of school libraries […]

Brian Jones interviewed by Reclaiming the Conversation on Education

“The students, the learners themselves have to have power.” Brian P. Jones Saw this on Tumblr this morning and wanted to disseminate it. Last spring I participated in a conference at Barnard College called Reclaiming the Conversation on Education. At one point, someone pulled me into a classroom to do an interview about the landscape […]

Sign BAR’s Petition: Anti-Racist Educators Should Not Issue Ghetto Passes To Teach For America

BAR: Why Is Tim Wise Stamping the Anti-Racist Ghetto Passes at Teach For America

‘If this is how “anti-racism education” works – giving cover to organizations and policies that hurt people of color more than anybody else, it might be time to re-think that whole contraption as well.’ — Bruce A. Dixon Black Agenda Report (BAR) has been a consistent and principled opponent of neoliberal education reform for as […]


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