Banker Marshall Tuck put student lives at risk by terminating Health Education

At a time with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) running rampant, business banker Marshall Tuck shut down all HEALTH EDUCATION classes at the schools he managed, putting students' health at serious risk. Tuck says he has a "kids first agenda," but his actions proved otherwise. When bankers run schools, students' lives take a back seat to corporate profits. Stop banker Marshall Tuck's agenda! Vote for the teacher instead.

“To reduce sexual risk behaviors and related health problems among youth, schools and other youth-serving organizations can help young people adopt lifelong attitudes and behaviors that support their health and well-being—including behaviors that reduce their risk for HIV, other STDs, and unintended pregnancy.” — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Eli Broad-trained neoliberal operative Marshall […]

Alex Johnson’s corporate SuperPAC run by Eli Broad’s Dan “students must pledge to capitalism” Chang

Privatization pusher Dan Chang is a Broadyte

“Financed by conservative billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates and Eli Broad, charters willingly carry out the indoctrination their benefactors seek.” — Professor Ralph E. Shaffer Corporate candidate Alex Johnson and his backer Mark Ridley-Thomas have already raised incredible amounts of money in their attempt to seize a seat on the Los Angeles Unified School (LAUSD) […]

Dr. Krashen’s Solutions Work! Preempt “summer learning loss” by addressing poverty, and ensuring access to books!

Dr. Krashen's proven reforms to preempt "summer learning loss." Address poverty, and ensure access to books!

Providing more access to interesting reading material by investing in public libraries and librarians is an excellent way to deal with summer learning loss. — Dr. Stephen D. Krashen Let’s talk about serendipity. This morning at teacher sent me a Haertel paper on the unreliability of Value Added Measures, and I saw a figure in […]

Guest Post: Joining Forces for Education report back from the CSUN Parents’ Forum

Parent Revolution Deputy Director Gabe Rose

By Ellen Lubic, Director, Joining Forces for Education Recently, the CSUN Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership and the Los Angeles Education Partnership, presented a public meeting titled Seeking an Authentic Voice: The Role of Parents and Communities in School Change in L.A. The professor in charge, Dr. Susan Auerbach, had sent me a personal invitation […]

Humanities and LSAT reflect Critical Thinking versus Core Knowledge debate

Go Humanities

“In short, the real literacy crisis occurs whenever we deploy a pedagogy that asks our students only to consume texts and not to produce them as well.” — Richard E. Miller The ABA Journal recently posted a piece entitled “Students with these college majors had the highest LSAT scores” that discusses the findings of Pepperdine University […]

K12NN: American Statistical Association has just released a very important document on Value Added Methodologies

VAM/AGT and other neoliberal corporate reforms have all scientific validity of phrenology. They're just as racist as well.

First published April 9, 2014 on K-12 News Network “The President of the United States and his Secretary of Education are violating one of the most fundamental principles concerning test use: Tests should be used only for the purpose for which they were developed. If they are to be used for some other purpose, then […]

An investigative documentary into the Common Core State Standards Initiative

BUILDING THE MACHINE (2014) – Official Trailer [HQ] I want to use the same disclaimer here that I did the last time I posted Common Core State Standards (CSSS) related materials from sources that I disavow any connection with. The video is produced by, and also features, individuals that are from fringe-right-wing groups. The last […]

November Guest Commentary by Joining Forces for Education’s Ellen Lubic

Duncan and Obama

Joining Forces for Education was formed in response to Ben Austin’s public school bulldozer outfit, the Walton Family Foundation funded Parent Revolution. Ellen Lubic occasionally contributes to Professor Ravitch’s site. Obama : With Banksters/Common Core/Race to the Top/College for All, and other fantasy legislation vs. Reality and Vocational Ed We, the People, wanted to believe in […]

Common Core’s nonsensical, corporate questions confuse even Shinonome Nano!

Corporate Core Confusions

Common Core’s nonsensical, corporate questions confuse even Shinonome Nano! #CCSS #LAUSD — Robert D. Skeels (@rdsathene) November 12, 2013

Research proven: School Libraries and Free Voluntary Reading. Unproven and expensive: CCSS and iPads

The Power of Reading : Insights from the Research by Dr. Stephen Krashen

Research proven: School Libraries & Free Voluntary Reading. Unproven and expensive: #CCSS & iPads. #LAUSD @skrashen — Robert D. Skeels (@rdsathene) September 26, 2013 The former means engaged critical thinking, but the latter leads to more corporate profits and increased market share for PSO, AAPL, MHGE, NWSA, and others. The Power of Reading : […]

EPSLP: College Ready? Alliance Charter Corporation’s big scam

School Privatization and Neoliberalism are Big Business

First published on Echo Park Patch on September 20, 2013 “If the American public understood that reformers want to privatize their public schools and divert their taxes to pay profits to investors, it would be hard to sell the corporate idea of reform.” — Professor Diane Ravitch “However, within this market, competition exists in several […]

Dana Woldow: Denying Children Food is Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

Dana Woldow: Denying Children Food is Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

Los Angeles parent-activist sounds off on CCSS

Common Core State Standards CCSS represent the corporate sector's latest attempts to privatize education and cash in on harmful standardized testing

“We had 23 different language groups at my son’s school. How can one common core be relevant to all of these very different people?” — Teresa Sitz, LAUSD Parent-Activist I founded Communities & Families Resisting Proposition 39 Charter Colocations along with several families fighting against the privatization project’s latest ploy, the colocation. While the group was pretty 90026 specific (we have two […]

As a UCLA student and SUPE member, I endorse this campaign to halt TFA

Students Resisting TFA Campaign

As a @UCLA student & @supenational ally, I endorse this campaign to halt @TeachForAmerica #TFA — Robert D. Skeels (@rdsathene) September 15, 2013 As a UCLA student and a Students United for Public Education (SUPE) member, I endorse this campaign to halt Teach For America’s colonialism and participation in the neoliberal school privatization […]

Trinational Coalition’s statement of support for teachers in Mexico

Trinational Coalition for the Defense of Public Education

LETTERS TO THE GOVERNMENT CAN BE SENT TO: LIC. ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO Presidente Constitucional de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos LIC. OSORIO CHONG MIGUEL ANGEL Secretario de Estado LIC. CHUAYFFET CHEMOR EMILIO Secretaria de Educación Pública SEND COPIES TO: Maestra Graciela Rangel de Michoacán sección XVIII: Prof. Eligio Hernández de Oaxaca […]


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