It keeps going around and around

So, the accountability is that teachers use it all as they are told to? So, a new, better package comes the next year if the numbers are not right? Kris, this is a clear article. You are always informative. I respect your knowledge of how all this chicanery works. However, I grow increasingly narcoleptic hearing […]

So, is Direct and Purposeful Teaching Anti-Constructivist?

“When it is agreed that all students must know the same things at the same times in order to move on to the next thing that all students must know at the same time, you have killed constructivism.  And, as Sir Ken Robinson has virally said, you’ve also killed creativity.” (Quote from Sir Ken Robinson […]

Response to Brian White

Mr. White, During my last two years as a teacher, I had a similar experience.  It wasn’t bullying or an anonymous call, but it was heavy handedness by the divisional head of our ten campus system of schools that gave orders to my site’s principal to make things bad for me, enough so that I […]

Power Comes From Everywhere: Hearing the Sound of Resolute

Keith and Cenk left MSNBC. They uncovered the stories beyond the allowable corporate dictum. And these two became marginalized from cable television and a larger viewership. I was up on a friend’s farm in Squamish, B.C., Canada a long time ago while I was living in the area doing organ transplants down in a lab […]

Of course RTTT is extortion.  Of course no one is talking much about it beyond some of us in the choir.  Fear and intimidation.  The rentier class, the big moneyed elite are controlling the message.  Witness: Wikileaks, Schwartz, etc.  Most conclude NCLB was the scaffolding for RTTT.  In fact, the beginning of educational tyranny began […]

Public Good and the Will of the Ownership Class

Our economy, that is, the economy owned by the one percent, is no longer centered on production and consumer purchases.  It is no longer a part of employment.  It is increasingly centered, controlled by credit creation which, in turn, is used to create profits and income in the form of interest payments until any economic […]

On the Radar

That we should not be amused;  that we should need explain the use of nosism should explain our position.  As one of the “we,” I thank this blog site as a venture to avail people to comments and posts considering all which is limitless experience, empiric and theoretical.  Take what’s happening in Michigan, for example. […]


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