Value-Added Scores Finally Explained by NM Education Department

VAS image

This summer, an ongoing action by New Mexico teachers is to send in Inspection of Public Records requests (IPRAs, for short), asking the Public Education Department (PED) to send evidence that backs up teacher evaluation reports received this year, and the means used to calculate the scores.  We’ve waited.  We’ve waited some more.  Finally, some of those […]

My Children, and Their Teachers, are Guilty

The following is a guest post from New Mexico parent, Wendy Small. Let me start by telling you that my children are guilty. Guilty of being born to middle class–not wealthy–parents, guilty of having special needs, guilty of being the kind of poor test takers who falsely convict their teachers of being bad at their […]

Media Has No Idea What Special Education Is (Guest Post)

Guest Post by Jessica S. Martinez, in response to a recent editorial in the Albuquerque Journal. Once again, the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board has placed its ignorance on display for all to see. Here is yet another example of those who know nothing about education sticking their noses where they do not belong. Allow me to […]

Van Roekel to NEA: With what will you replace the accountability system?

Don't like my brand of toilet paper? What types of leaves do YOU suggest we use?

It’s not the first time Dennis Van Roekel (DVR) has asked this loaded question. Last year, DVR asked the NEA membership at large, during an interview, with what they would purport to replace the Common Core State Standards, if we did get rid of them.  Now, he’s asking the same question, but regarding the current […]

Parent and Teacher Groups Stand Together in New Mexico

Including Rick Meyer (Save Our Schools),

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, on the evening of June 25, Parents and Teachers for an Educated Community (PTEC) hosted a viewing of the education documentary Standardized: Lies, Money, and Civil Rights. The group was diverse and included people from several different activist groups, elected officials, and even New Mexico’s gubernatorial challenger to Susana Martinez. The most […]

Defenders of the Status Quo


It never fails, at least in my state of New Mexico. Whenever one of us “little people” dares to speak up against the inept, dizzying, and out of control nonsense that continues to come from the “reformers” in our state government and education department, we are accused of “defending the status quo.”  In other words, […]

Science and Social Studies are Disappearing

science card

Report cards from a district outside of Rochester, New York, have made it painfully clear what school reformers feel about science and social studies.  Read the comments for Term 3 in this 5th grade report card.  The last thing corporate giants need is kids knowing history or thinking like scientists.  Let’s just integrate it all […]



Guest post by Meg Norris and Teri Sasseville As we watch the political maneuvering in New York from afar, we are terribly disheartened. New York has been the leader in our battle against Common Core from day one. With warriors in 49 other states watching closely, the NY groups seem to have gotten so caught up […]

Education is NOT for Sale in New Mexico (Video)

After New Mexico teachers received their bogus evaluations from the state education department, they decided it’s past time to get loud and active.  This group of rank-and-file teachers, parents, and students picketed and protested a three-day training session for principals, where corporate and state leaders were making sure administrators use the teacher evaluation system, TeachScape, with […]

California LOVES Common Core!

How much do you know about Hereditary Multi-infarct Dementia?
We think that it's probably caused by your breakfast cereal.
How confident are you that our new, untested vaccine can save you?

I’ve heard the title of this article proclaimed no fewer than five times in the past two weeks.  I hear it in response to those questions I ask about the validity, efficacy, and usefulness of the Common Core State Standards.  “Where’s the evidence?” I ask. You want evidence? CALIFORNIA LOVES COMMON CORE! There’s your evidence! […]

Common Core Prescription Will Not Heal Education


During my presentations, I make the case that the Common Core Standards are a prescriptive list of content standards, rather than a descriptive framework. The other night, in Santa Fe, one of my more well-known audience members disagreed, based on her opinion. What’s the difference? And why does it matter? First of all, let’s consider […]

Rank-and-File Educators Seek Solidarity with Parents, Public

Parents are rising.  Students are stepping up.  Some lawmakers are even slowly walking away from corporate influences. And now, rank-and-file teachers are organizing to transform their local and state unions in order to move them back into the democratic organizations they were born to be.  For teachers, there is power in numbers–there has to be–but in […]

South Carolina Withdraws from Smarter Balanced Assessments


In a letter to the Chair of the South Carolina State Board of Education, State Superintendent Mick Zais has exercised his authority to pull South Carolina out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC): SC State Superintendent Letter SBAC This does not release South Carolina from the use of the Common Core State Standards; although it […]

Georgia Moms Stand Firm Against Testing

Guest post by Meg Norris It was my fourth or fifth speech about Common Core and why I had left my teaching position to fight against it. By the time I was finished, I noticed a beautiful, young couple in the second row. He looked okay, but she looked like I had just punched her […]

Behind the CCSS Corporate Curtain: Gates, TURN, and the AFT Innovation Fund

He's coming! Quick! Put up a post about he's being "divisive" on Facebook!

I know it doesn’t seem healthy to continue to speak of the roles that national teacher union groups are playing in our current corporate education reform takeover, but this is kind of important, for three big reasons: (1) Most teachers have never heard of what I’ll be writing about here, because it’s not advertised. (2) The organizers who are a […]


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