Governor Chris Christie and Ed Commissioner Cerf Leaving NJ’s Children Behind

Funding for New Jersey’s public schools is falling behind and leaving lots of children left behind. After more than a decade of NCLB which was supposed to close the achievement gap, yeah right, Chris Christie and President Obama’s love fest this past week in boosting the tv ratings on the Jersey Shore, is little comfort […]

Return Philadelphia Schools to Local Control Rally Wed June 5th

Pennsylvania Education Crisis Highlights – May 31st, 2013 Philadelphia City Council Education Committee hearing on the return of the Philadelphia School District to local control Monday, June 3rd  10:00 a.m. People wanting to speak may sign up right before the meeting. Stand Together for real food and safe schools for our kids Rally: Wednesday, June 5th 4:00 p.m. […]

Denver Blacklisting Teachers Without Cause

Sign petition here All across the country, from coast to coast, even here in New Jersey, where we have had the best public school systems in the country, experienced teachers are being fired. Under the guise of a bad evaluation,  teachers in Denver are the latest victims and are being targeted despite years of teaching […]

How Many More Teachers Have to Quit Before Things Change?

Another teacher leaving the profession she loves because she says it no longer exists under the current high stakes testing regime.

“There is a Problem Here” – Journalist John Merrow

“There is a problem here” (Houston, We have a problem) John Merrow on what his wife’s response to the what is going on in this test driven, punish the teachers education deform.  Thank you Shaun and Tim for bringing us some real journalism and journalist John Merrow on Rhee, DC and High Stakes Testing Testing […]

Signs of the Coming Revolution in America’s Education System

Alternet publishes “real” education news for those who still remember what a “real” education is. Signs of the Coming Revolution in America’s Education System The recent revolt against standardized tests as well as legislative concern over testing corruption are just some of the of the signs of an approaching education “revolution.”  

Data, Data Everywhere

Enjoyed Tim and Shaun’s discussion Sunday on InBloom thanks for bringing Rachel from CO to educate us.  if No Child Left Behind was propaganda, this data mining bonanaza is another holy grail for corporate ed deformers. I keep getting ads and invitations to update my Linked In account and once on Facebook, people start popping […]

Mississippi Prepares New Push on Miseducation

Report just in from ABC: Improvements are toughest in areas such as Clarksdale, where per capita income is about 78 percent of the national average and the unemployment rate was 13 percent in March. Half of all county children live in poverty, and 90 percent of Clarksdale’s 3,200 students qualify for free or reduced-price lunches. […]

End NJ Tax Subsidies for High Stakes Testing “Monster” Pearson

Pearson, Inc: Bad tax subsidies for bad education policies.   End NJ Tax Subsidies for High Stakes Testing Giant Pearson, Inc. TUESDAY, May 14TH, 12:00PM Hoboken River Ferry, 1401 Frank Sinatra Drive, Hoboken NJ • End corporate welfare and fund our public schools! • Protest tax subsidy ‘payoffs for layoffs’ to test publishing giant Pearson! […]

Art Transforms “Failing” School in Roxbury MA

There’s always so much talk about what can we do to replace the high stakes standardized tests. I am so tired of hearing the same old conversation about what might replace this disastrous policy. Yet, once again, a school proves that children can be motivated, inspired and ready to learn by introducing them to the […]

Parents and Students Have the Power – Now Use It!

From the Atlantic Journal Constitution.  How to end overtesting in schools: Tell kids to answer only half of the questions  

Newark Students Fighting for Their Lives

One of the most hopeful signs at Occupy the DOE 2.0 in DC this weekend were the number of students from all over the U.S. who showed up.  Students are beginning to stand up for their rights to a quality education and calling out the corporate criminals who continue to suck the life and soul […]

Opt Out Goes Viral

Opt Out Goes Viralfrom Yinzercation “We’ve gone viral again! And the Governor is listening. On Sunday, the Post-Gazette published Kathy Newman’s terrific Op Ed about why she is opting her son out of high-stakes-testing. [See “A Plague of Cheating”] In the past 48 hours, over 23,000 people have shared that story on Facebook from the paper’s website and it […]

New Jersey Educators’ WORST FEARS Come True

Tested to Despair in New Jersey Proposed Regulations for Tenure Evaluations Confirm  NJEA’s Worst Fears Did you really think No Child Left Behind was to improve  education? Well, that’s what happens when you don’t read the fine print or pretend it just isn’t there.

Why We are Occupying the Department of Ed AGAIN!


From the Answer Sheet  Valerie Strauss Key education activists protesting in D.C. next week Education activists opposed to corporate-based school reform are converging on Washington D.C. next week for the second annual United Opt Out National event on the grounds of the U.S. Education Department. Among those who will be speaking at the event are education historian […]


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