Ravitch Warms to Tuckerism: Can Randi Be Far Ahead?


Posted September 4 at Schools Matter. I posted the other day on the new (old) Tuckerism that Joe Nocera was promoting (again) in the New York Times.   Obviously, Tucker’s THL (Testing Hysteria Lite) has resonated with the neolibs as a way to stave off the revolution against testing, while preserving its worst features and maintaining […]

TEA Challenges Huffman/Haslam Plan to Tie Licensure to Value-Addled Test Scores

You have to take the 18 minutes to view this news conference announcement in order to appreciate the profound unfairness of using VAM for ANY high stakes decision. For more context, detailed discussion, and a survey of the mountain of research studies, buy the book.

Paul Toner, MA TURNcoat, Leads Charge for Common Core and PARCC


Lawyer, corporate stooge, and MTA President, Paul Toner has sold teachers down the river in Massachusetts with support for test score based teacher evaluations, more segregated corporate reform schools, and now the Common Core testing delivery system. Toner has a propaganda piece at the MTA site that once again applies lipstick to the pig that he […]

New York Mayoral Candidates: Fly Me to Cincinnati

When New York mayoral candidates lead reporters and editors of the New York Times on a field trip expedition to the hinterlands of Cincinnati schools, you have to know there is something awful at home they would rather everyone forget.  The awful something in this case, of course, is the test-bombed remains of New York’s […]

Ohanian on Achieve, Inc. and the Common Core

A clip from Susan writing at The Daily Censored—see the rest here: Reading the press release, I wonder: HOW to get people to raise up against the oppressive phraseknowledge-based economy, a term rolling off the tongues of the “haves” as an excuse for their refusal to acknowledge the vital skills possessed by people making things work […]

Who’s Lying to Whom? Duncan, Bloomberg, and the Rotted Common Core

Yesterday Mike Bloomberg called the new test score basement that all NY schools have rushed into “very good news,” and he blamed the media for noticing that it was happening.  With State and City schools–at least the ones with poor kids–once more crushed under the boot (Rochester had 5% of kids passing reading and math) […]

NEA Appeasement in Wisconsin: Withdraws from Battle When Most Needed

The Koch Brothers’  stooge, Gov. Scott Walker, has led the charge in Wisconsin to eliminate any political opposition to rolling back American economic and social systems by a hundred years at least.  As Rachel Maddow has reported, the key to achieving a one corporate party rule is to eliminate unions, which represent the only significant […]

“Track and Improve Your School Culture”

LiveSchool is a start-up in the total surveillance urban school business that offers a tech tool for meting out rewards and punishments.  It is unapologetically based on the “banking model” of education, and it has been embraced by Bloomberg and other Wall Street hustlers as a way to make a dirty buck on the backs […]

From St. Louis’s Leafy Suburbs: Equal Education for All Unless You’re Black or Poor

“I think that any time you disturb a culture — you’re bringing in a variable that is unknown — I think it has the ability to create some unrest because you don’t know how the variable’s going to play out in the culture you already have.” No, that wasn’t George Wallace in 1963–that was Pam […]

Congress Set to Profit from Student Loan Rates Determined by Wall Street Swindlers

If you ever wonder how the Feds are going to pay for the new era of non-risk corporate welfare farming, charter schools, preschools, for-profit college subsidies, military contractors, corporate welfare spy firms, etc., Congress has a plan.  One drop in that national cash reserve for corporate non-emergencies was guaranteed yesterday, when the Senate passed student […]

Why TEAC (CAEP) Accreditation Means Less than Zero

In May TEAC provided the for- profit American College of Education (ACE) the official stamp of approval to prey on the poor and the unsuspecting who want to be teachers.  ACE has a sordid history of exploitation and grandiose scheming, some of which is documented here.  ACE is a subsidiary of Higher Ed Holdings, LLC, which […]

NC Republican Taliban Gone Wild: Kills Voter Awareness HS Program to Pre-Register Students

The Koch Brothers’ chief henchman in North Carolina is Art Pope, who led the effort in Wake County to kill socioeconomic school integration a couple of years back.  Wake County awoke from its slumber and ousted the racist school board members and the Broadie superintendent, and now things are starting to get back to normal. Now […]

Get Your Common Corporate Test for Just $29.95, or Wait for the Fire Sale

One of the two ginormous Common Corp consortia, PARCC, finally priced their product line yesterday.  The $29.95 per student does not include costs for professional development, diagnostic tests, formative tests, interim tests, speaking and listening tests (required), or any of the necessary technology infrastructure costs for installation, training, security, and repairs resulting from unplanned breakdowns, […]

Rahm the Raptor and the TFA Solution: No Retirement, No Retirement Problem

Since 1995, the City of Chicago has been on holiday during most of those years.  On holiday, that is, from putting in the annual payments to keep the Chicago Teacher Retirement Fund solvent.  The dwindling fund has been no secret to anyone for a long time, but after the CTU showed the small, vicious Mayor […]

Colorado Educators Alert: TURNcoat, Kerrie Dalman, Promotes InBloom Student Data Mining and Storage

Kerrie Dalman is President of the Colorado Education Association, the state affiliate of the NEA.  She’s also head honcho of Southwest TURN, a branch of the metastasizing cancer eating away at the NEA and AFT. Yesterday, Kerrie had a guest commentary in the Denver Post, pumping the virtues of CorpEd’s commercial surveillance and storage of student […]


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