New York’s Secret Test

Guest post from Bianca Tanis, New York State Parent and Educator.   In recent days the 2014 New York ELA tests have been the subject of  much attention. It did not come as a surprise to most educators that the tests were more difficult than last year. After all, NYSED had informed teachers that this year, even 3rd […]

Common Core = “College Ready” ?

From New York parent Loy Gross: Why do we need Common Core? Experts tell us it will make kids “college and career ready.” And let me add, potatoes don’t have wings because my bicycle is a 10-speed. Out of those two statements, only one has a measure of truth. Potatoes don’t have wings. And my […]

#optout Chicago: Administrator Pledge


Michelle Gunderson: Administrator’s Pledge on Ethical Treatment of Students Who Opt Out Originally appeared here:

Some thoughts on #edTPA: Guest Post by Celia Oyler

Celia made the these observations on Facebook in response to the article listed below that appeared in the Times Union. Student teachers in New York face daunting new exams The other fall out is that quite a few excellent beginning teachers are choosing NOT to get certified in the state of New York. Quite a […]

@johnkuhntx: The Tyranny of the Datum

By John Kuhn Data is a big deal. A great deal of innovation is happening right now in the field of data collection, storage, and management in the field of education. There are some well-documented fears among parents and teachers regarding these trends. Who will control the data? How will the data be used? Will […]

@johnkuhntx guest post: The Wizards of Ed.

By John Kuhn There is a conundrum facing American K-12 education. It is the same conundrum that has always faced American K-12 education. How do we educate “those” kids? “Those” refers to the kids who are dealing with any (or all) of a host of disadvantages. They are from the “wrong” side of the tracks. […]

Why is NYS Railroading Students with Disabilities?

A guest post from Bianca Tanis, Parent, Special Educator and Co-Founder NYS Allies for Public Education The current education reforms being implemented in NYS are an assault on the dignity and the rights of students with disabilities, plain and simple. While educational leaders seem to be suffering from an extreme case of magical thinking, parents […]

Guest Post by Joseph Rella: A letter to @arneduncan

Secretary Arne Duncan U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue,SW Washington, D.C. 20202 Dear Secretary Duncan: My name is Joseph Rella. I am the Superintendent of Schools in the Comsewogue SchoolDistrict located in Port Jefferson Station, New York. I am writing to you as a non-white surburban mother to express my deep concern over recent comment that you made regardingcriticism […]

Guest Post by Adam Bessie. Resist the Feed, Feed the Resistance

School ™: Resist the Feed, Feed the Resistance “School ™ is not so bad now, like back when my grandparents were kids, when the schools were run by the government, which sounds completely like, Nazi, to have the government running the schools?” So proclaims what sounds like a Twitter tirade by angry, futuristic teenage reincarnation of Milton […]

#commoncore poem by Jed Hopkins

Common core standards.Standards that are held in common.Standards that will form the core of our education system.Standards that will ensure the quality of the field of public schooling.Standards that will create a level playing field.A measuring stick.A rational tool.A no-nonsense tool.The source of important criteria.A communication tool for clarifying how teachers are doing,how students are […]

Robert Rendo: #optout graphic to share widely.


Governor Corbett Handpicked Government Careerist and Education Reform Lobbyist to Head State’s 14 Public Universities? Vote Tomorrow. by Sean Kitchen Governor Corbett has allowed a corporate coup’ de tat to occur within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.  On Monday August 5th, PASSHE’s Board of Governors announced that a vote for the new Chancellor will happen on Wednesday, August 8th.  Former Education Reform Lobbyist and Secretary of Education, Ronald Tomalis is one of […]

How Education Reform Works Today in Four Simple Steps. By John Stoffel

How Education Reform Works Today in Four Simple Steps 1. Fund research (often with taxpayer support). • Tell researcher your hypothesis. • Have researcher gather data. • Have researcher compare data to your hypothesis. • Have researcher change data to match your hypothesis. 2. Fund three groups with imposing names • 1st group warns nation […]

What is malicious re-assignment? by Michelle Gunderson. proud member of the Chicago Teachers’Union

It is a conversation educators dread. An administrator calls you for a “chat”. “By the way,” they say, “Instead of teaching 8th grade next year, it best suits our needs for you to teach kindergarten.” Every educator knows what this means. While the teacher in the scenario still has a job and is teaching a […]

Guest Post: Why My Family is Boycotting the State Field Tests

I previously wrote about the NY State Field Tests, in which unsuspecting students have their learning time hijacked so they can do free research for Pear$on. This piece, from a fellow member of NYC-based Change the Stakes, was originally published on Schoolbook. Why My Family is Boycotting the State Field Tests by Jinnie Spiegler There […]


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