A Tale of Two Students

This is a guest post from Loy Gross, upstate New York parent and advocate.   Proponents of Common Core State Standards and the New York tests associated with them try to convince us they are necessary. They say the standards make students college and career ready, and the New York tests provide an accurate measure […]

AFT’s American Educator: Voice of the Rank and File or Tool of the Reformers?

Guest Post: By Bianca Tanis Teachers are dosed with Common Core propaganda daily. A few times a year, this comes in the form of the American Federation of Teachers’ quarterly journal, American Educator. It is not surprising that the summer 2014 issue (which focuses primarily on early childhood) is chock full of “career and college ready” […]

Guest Post: Joining Forces for Education report back from the CSUN Parents’ Forum

Parent Revolution Deputy Director Gabe Rose

By Ellen Lubic, Director, Joining Forces for Education Recently, the CSUN Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership and the Los Angeles Education Partnership, presented a public meeting titled Seeking an Authentic Voice: The Role of Parents and Communities in School Change in L.A. The professor in charge, Dr. Susan Auerbach, had sent me a personal invitation […]

Guest Post from Paul Horton. Standards?

National Standards not Common Core Standards Rather than permitting the issue of the Common Core Standards (CCS) to be a political hot potato in the upcoming election season, I call for our education secretary to establish a national commission on creating national standards. Currently, a few foundations, Microsoft, Pearson Education, and several governors, the Fordham Institute, and our education […]

Cuomo: Education Conference without Educators.

April 24 screen grab: Is registration still open?

Guest post from Bianca Tanis: Upstate NY Educator and Parent: Beginning on May 4th, Governor Andrew Cuomo will chair Camp Philos, a three day Adirondack retreat for “Education Reform Philosophers.” The event is being planned and facilitated by Education Reform Now, a non-profit that strongly supports charter schools and to date has donated over $60,000 […]

Guest Post: Ken Derstine. “Talking Back to Mark Gleason”

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, held in Philadelphia from April 3rd – 7th, has come and gone. The thousands of delegates have left town, but for the general public of Philadelphia, the most memorable and long lasting thing to come out of the conference was to get a glimpse of […]

New York’s Secret Test

Guest post from Bianca Tanis, New York State Parent and Educator.   In recent days the 2014 New York ELA tests have been the subject of  much attention. It did not come as a surprise to most educators that the tests were more difficult than last year. After all, NYSED had informed teachers that this year, even 3rd […]

Common Core = “College Ready” ?

From New York parent Loy Gross: Why do we need Common Core? Experts tell us it will make kids “college and career ready.” And let me add, potatoes don’t have wings because my bicycle is a 10-speed. Out of those two statements, only one has a measure of truth. Potatoes don’t have wings. And my […]

#optout Chicago: Administrator Pledge


Michelle Gunderson: Administrator’s Pledge on Ethical Treatment of Students Who Opt Out Originally appeared here: http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/living-in-dialogue/2014/03/michelle_gunderson_shares_an_a.html

Some thoughts on #edTPA: Guest Post by Celia Oyler

Celia made the these observations on Facebook in response to the article listed below that appeared in the Times Union. Student teachers in New York face daunting new exams The other fall out is that quite a few excellent beginning teachers are choosing NOT to get certified in the state of New York. Quite a […]

@johnkuhntx: The Tyranny of the Datum

By John Kuhn Data is a big deal. A great deal of innovation is happening right now in the field of data collection, storage, and management in the field of education. There are some well-documented fears among parents and teachers regarding these trends. Who will control the data? How will the data be used? Will […]

@johnkuhntx guest post: The Wizards of Ed.

By John Kuhn There is a conundrum facing American K-12 education. It is the same conundrum that has always faced American K-12 education. How do we educate “those” kids? “Those” refers to the kids who are dealing with any (or all) of a host of disadvantages. They are from the “wrong” side of the tracks. […]

Why is NYS Railroading Students with Disabilities?

A guest post from Bianca Tanis, Parent, Special Educator and Co-Founder NYS Allies for Public Education The current education reforms being implemented in NYS are an assault on the dignity and the rights of students with disabilities, plain and simple. While educational leaders seem to be suffering from an extreme case of magical thinking, parents […]

Guest Post by Joseph Rella: A letter to @arneduncan

Secretary Arne Duncan U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue,SW Washington, D.C. 20202 Dear Secretary Duncan: My name is Joseph Rella. I am the Superintendent of Schools in the Comsewogue SchoolDistrict located in Port Jefferson Station, New York. I am writing to you as a non-white surburban mother to express my deep concern over recent comment that you made regardingcriticism […]

Guest Post by Adam Bessie. Resist the Feed, Feed the Resistance

School ™: Resist the Feed, Feed the Resistance “School ™ is not so bad now, like back when my grandparents were kids, when the schools were run by the government, which sounds completely like, Nazi, to have the government running the schools?” So proclaims what sounds like a Twitter tirade by angry, futuristic teenage reincarnation of Milton […]


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