4 reasons to support gay marriage

Movements about gay marriage have been going on for years now. The number of gay couples is increasing. Many countries don’t approve of gay marriage. But here are some convincing reasons to support gay marriage.

Married couples live longer

According to different studies, married couples live longer than the singles. Marriage affects about both physical and emotional health. The longer couples stay together, the more benefits they can have. It provides security. Stability in a relationship is related to sound mental and emotional health.

Couples should have the same rights

Two people who are in love must be together. If you go through history, you will find that people have sacrificed even their life for love. If the government doesn’t support gay marriage, then these couples face a lot of difficulties. They cannot inherit the property of their partner after death; they don’t get the right to adopt a child and many other complications.

No good reason for not supporting

Most arguments against gay marriage are based on religious beliefs, and these are not logical. Laws should not be based on the blind faith of a particular segment of society. One other argument against gay marriage is that it is a violation of natural law. But homosexuality exists in more than 15,000 species in the world. Many species participate in recreational love making and not for the purpose of giving birth to a baby.

Most people in American supports gay marriage

If you believe in democracy then you should allow gayy marriage as most Americans support it. More than 50% of people surveyed support the notion of gay marriage.

These are very legitimate reasons for supporting gay marriage. The government of every country should have legislation to support gay marriage.

Infographic by: www.humanism.scot