YOU are @thechalkface!

DON’T BE CONFUSED @the chalkface is still the punk rock thrill ride that delivers readers, viewers, and listeners the unfiltered truth about education reform. We don’t take corporate contributions from Gates and Walton. But what about this new Chalkbeat? Sadly they do take funds from Gates and Walton. This is your brain on Chalkbeat. This […]

Toddler Testing

Ed. Dept. Launches Competition for Kindergarten Entry Assessments “Kindergarten-entry assessments are designed to measure a child’s “essential domains of school readiness,” which include language and literacy development, cognition and general early knowledge, readiness to learn, physical well-being, and social and emotional development.” @the chalkface is developing the “NON essential domains of school readiness” kindergarten entry […]

Did you know inBloom plans on …

This evening Shaun and I had the opportunity to speak with Rachael Stickland from Jefferson County, CO.  Rachael is a student privacy activist (received her training from Leonie Haimson) trying to sound the alarm to CO parents about the “400 data points” that the state plans on sharing with data management company inBloom. Why should […]

Nancy Carlsson-Paige: Why play?


AWESOME #optout letter.

Dear Dr. Lane,Pursuant to Pennsylvania Code Title 22 Chapter 4, section 4.4 (d)(5) I am hereby exercising my right as a parent to have my child excused from any State standardized testing because of religious and philosophical beliefs. During the time when other students are taking State standardized PSSA tests (including make-ups), I would like […]

Give me your tired test prep assignments, your poor #CCSS homework examples…


… your huddled students yearning to learn free from corporate education reform. Here At the Chalkface we have had several articles that have been widely read and shared recently: The theme of these pieces is test preparation and Common Core worksheets/homework assignments.  These articles are examples of the harm corporate education reform […]

Just for kicks, I mapped the chalk face

Map the Chalk Face

I created a map of our authors here to emphasize the diversity of opinion and experience we bring to the table. Interesting, and we have international connections now. But what’s not obvious from the map are the multiple connections we have in NY and MA. Perhaps other sites have more authors and more geographic diversity. […]

Jumping on the #whatido meme, if that’s what it is, the #education #reformer


I think it speaks for itself.

The Enemy is Testing, Enlist.


THE Great Crippler: Testing


As the title suggests. Although, since it’s inspired by old WPA posters, perhaps the term “crippler” is a tad dated. But the girl in the picture looks so menacing.

Cool cover for @thechalkface, via Pulp-O-Mizer

Fun. Cool. Thanks. Click the photo to try it yourself.

#Florida, #Bush, I get the point, but…

…does anyone else find this image deeply disturbing? This will be in my nightmares, for sure.

Dear Garfield and Seattle Teachers


Stay strong! As this boycott continues to grow (And I believe it will) advocating for “portfolio and authentic assessment” is absolutely essential.  The reality is that any high stakes standardized test is ALWAYS going to be an invalid indicator of student learning. Start using the language of learning over terms such as “achievement” and “growth.” […]


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