EngageNY : Robotic Teachers Wanted.

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Came across this gem when trying to decipher my son’s 4th Grade math homework (which included the inane task of making 50 dots to represent multiplying by tens).  EngageNY contains scripted curriculum modules at a price of $12.9 million for the K-8 lessons. I find it insulting that a teacher should be told to add emotion and energy […]

EngageNY modules: Stunning incompetence.

EngageNY 1

Another questionable lesson from the curriculum modules found at NYSED’s propaganda website EngageNY.org   Once again, why did NYSED spend $12.9 million of taxpayer money on scripted lessons for K-8 when New York’s teachers can produce superior (and appropriate) curriculum.   Thoughts on this Kindergarten homework assignment?                   […]

A Tale of Two Students

This is a guest post from Loy Gross, upstate New York parent and advocate.   Proponents of Common Core State Standards and the New York tests associated with them try to convince us they are necessary. They say the standards make students college and career ready, and the New York tests provide an accurate measure […]

Dear PTA,

Dear ___________________ (Insert District/School PTA President’s name), Please accept my donation of $_____  to our school Parent Teacher Association.  I/We truly appreciate the dedication and time that our local PTA devotes to enhancing the educational and social opportunities for our children and their school. I/We are choosing to donate money to our school’s PTA as […]

.@EngageNY Modules: Out of Alignment

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A year ago I criticized the ELA curriculum modules found on NYSED’s EngageNY website and their “random” nature of content.  I expressed concern that many elementary schools have reduced or even eliminated instruction in Science and Social Studies in favor of the tested subjects of ELA and Math in this era of accountability via test […]

AFT’s American Educator: Voice of the Rank and File or Tool of the Reformers?

Guest Post: By Bianca Tanis Teachers are dosed with Common Core propaganda daily. A few times a year, this comes in the form of the American Federation of Teachers’ quarterly journal, American Educator. It is not surprising that the summer 2014 issue (which focuses primarily on early childhood) is chock full of “career and college ready” […]

NYSED, @EngageNY, and the Module Money Pit.

If you see this EngageNY icon on your child's work, they are getting a scripted education.

As part of its rushed implementation of the Common Core, the New York State Education department contracted with three entities to create scripted module lessons for schools across the Empire State at a cost of $12.9 million.  Some schools trusted their educators to create their own lessons that would best suit their classrooms.  Other schools, possibly out of […]

Cuomo: Education Conference without Educators.

April 24 screen grab: Is registration still open?

Guest post from Bianca Tanis: Upstate NY Educator and Parent: Beginning on May 4th, Governor Andrew Cuomo will chair Camp Philos, a three day Adirondack retreat for “Education Reform Philosophers.” The event is being planned and facilitated by Education Reform Now, a non-profit that strongly supports charter schools and to date has donated over $60,000 […]

New York’s Secret Test

Guest post from Bianca Tanis, New York State Parent and Educator.   In recent days the 2014 New York ELA tests have been the subject of  much attention. It did not come as a surprise to most educators that the tests were more difficult than last year. After all, NYSED had informed teachers that this year, even 3rd […]

Common Core = “College Ready” ?

From New York parent Loy Gross: Why do we need Common Core? Experts tell us it will make kids “college and career ready.” And let me add, potatoes don’t have wings because my bicycle is a 10-speed. Out of those two statements, only one has a measure of truth. Potatoes don’t have wings. And my […]

#CCLS: Moratorium, Or Delaying the Inevitable?

From the massive amount of media coverage lately I am sure you have heard the NYS legislature is debating placing a “moratorium” on consequences from Common Core testing.  The discussion revolves around teachers, principals, and schools not being punished for low scores while New York slows down the implementation of the Common Core.  Many questions […]

NYS PTA: We want your two dollars (but not your input.) #PTA


Let me start this post out by saying that as an educator and parent the local PTA groups in the districts I am involved with are amazing.  The volunteers of the PTA do so much to enhance the experiences of our children. We cannot thank active local PTA members enough for all they do for […]

Advertisement: Attend our school and avoid the #CommonCore

Private school- no CC 1

Here is a two-sided advertisement flyer inserted into a local newspaper from a Rochester, New York private school. Do you get the feeling that more private schools will be reacting to the anti-Common Core sentiment to draw more students into their programs? Sadly I have heard many teachers and parents who love public education, but […]

The only education policy consideration that matters.

Every decision in education, whether it be made by: A classroom teacher, a principal, a district administrator, state or federal officials, corporate leaders or philanthropists, should apply the following consideration: “Would you want your own child to learn under this policy?”   Connect with Chris Cerrone on twitter: @Stoptesting15  

@PARCCplace : More bang for the buck?

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The PARCC folks and Common Core cheerleaders like to talk about the next generation of standardized testing.  Are these new tests worth the $29.50 per student cost? In my state of New York that would triple the cost of the current 3-8 testing program.  Of course we will also need to seriously upgrade technology in […]


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