Meaningless Debates

by David Hood Retired after 50 years in education Career includes 25 years as teacher and principal, Department of Education official, senior manager of Education Review Office, establishment CEO of New Zealand Qualifications Authority,  and consultant since 1996. Author of Our Secondary Schools Don’t Work Anymore [1998] ———- Debates on (New Zealand’s) National Standards, […]

Gates, Murdoch and data mining

Gates and Murdoch like to say their interest in education is because their big hearts mean they really must help the poor wee kiddies learn better. Funny how they weren’t so interested until profit could be made, but hey, I’m just a bit cynical these days. And it’s no wonder I am when you learn […]

The readiness to do social experiments on the education of children

Reposted from Scoop NZ. by Gordon Campbell The school closures in Christchurch really are a perfect storm – the most stressed community in New Zealand is being led by the most accident prone Minister in the Key government, into a social experiment on its youngest and most vulnerable, in the least available time. Nothing could […]

NZ Government to introduce charter hospitals

Reposted from this brilliant NZ satirical website The Civilian. This beautifully captures the ideological nonsense behind charter schools. ————– These minimum wage surgeons may be unsure what to do next, but with enough private funding, the Government is confident they’ll figure it out. The National Government has today announced plans to introduce a number of […]

New Zealand’s national standards in education are not national or standard.

By Allan Alach Reposted from The Daily Blog At the end of this month the New Zealand government will release the national standards data that will a) ‘prove’ that their education policies are ‘raising achievement’ and b) ‘prove’ that there is a wide variation of school effectiveness and that teachers’ performance is therefore deficient. All […]

Leading the way in education – instead of following the failing neo liberal agenda

by Bruce Hammonds Reposted from Leading-Learning. ‘Education in America  is at a crossroads’, writes American educator Yong-Zhao Ironically while China is busy trying to transform its test orientated education into a talent orientated system, writes Chinese born but now a respected American educator Yong- Zhao, America ( and now New Zealand) is moving towards a standardized test driven […]

Charter schools are not about charter schools

By Kelvin Smythe Reposted from Networkonnet. The education situation is dire, western economies are struggling, with one of its manifestations being the rich and powerful acting to undermine public schools. Charter schools not being about charter schools is emblematic of that dire situation. Let us look at how this is playing out in New Zealand. Throughout […]

A new creative agenda for education required

By Bruce Hammonds Over the weekend thousands of teachers throughout New Zealand expressed their anger about their dissatisfaction about government’s plans for education. I wonder what the public think about it all? Don’t get me wrong I am pleased that teachers have decided that ‘enuf is enuf’.  The government spin doctors have done a good […]

Why Are Kiwis Taking To The Streets?

 by Dianne Khan Reposted from SaveOurSchoolsNZ They are mighty pigged off, that’s why. This Saturday, 13th April, thousands of teachers, parents, students and other supporters up and down New Zealand will march to protest some very disconcerting things that are afoot. What are we protesting?  Well I’m glad you asked. Charter schools:  The government is hell bent […]

Public education is a treasure we must protect

Public education is a treasure we must protect by Peter O’Connor Associate Professor Peter O’Connor is director of the Critical Research Unit in Applied Theatre at the University of Auckland. Reposted from the New Zealand Herald. (New Zealand) Teachers know they are in an ideological battle over the future of public education. That is why […]

The Standardised Testing Racket

Reposted from Save Our Schools Canberra. The Standardised Testing Racket Monday April 8, 2013 It is NAPLAN test week next month in Australia. It is also testing season in the United States which has coincided, once again, with another round of cheating scandals highlighted by the dramatic indictment of one of the nation’s top school […]

Let’s Get This Right

Pat Buoncristiani has a remarkable bi-cultural background. For instance, she has been the principal of a school in Victoria, Australia and in Virginia, USA. for several years each. She says “ Perhaps it is only when you look at an environment from the outside that you see it for what it really is. It was only when […]

Right Wing Takeover of New Zealand Education

New Zealand teacher ‘Boonman’ wrote the following article on his blog . I felt that this provided another insight into the mad rush to ‘reform’ and privatise New Zealand education. I’ve added explanatory notes in italics. Allan ———– The Right Doesn’t Know What the Right Hand is Doing Hello y’all. This week has been pretty […]

He aha te mea nui? He tangata. He tangata. He tangata. (Maori proverb)

What is the most important thing?  It is people. It is people It is people. I am reminded of this each time I see spin from New Zealand’s National government assuring us that charter schools are about the kids, about bolstering their achievement, raising their grades, helping them learn better.  And that they are in […]

Pride in Primary

Queued in alphabetical order, I was the third to walk through the door to the Queensland Legislative Council Chambers up to the podium where I was introduced to Queen Elizabeth II by name. As she hung the Medal of the Order of Australia on my lapel, someone announced : “For services to education.” Her Majesty […]


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