My Review of ‘Won’t Back Down’ and Notes from Panel

Warning: Spoiler Alert     As I noted on Twitter & Facebook, I wanted to step into the Won’t Back Down advance screening with as much of an open mind as possible. I sat right in the 2nd row, notebook in hand, ready to jot down important notes from the movie.   The movie screening […]

President of Center for Education Reform Calls Me and SOS Bullies

Jeanne Allen

Founder/CEO of Center for Education Reform, Jeanne Allen, wrote an opinion piece on Tuesday titled, “Parents vs. The Blob.” In this opinion piece, she puts some lovely words into my mouth: “Shame on you for supporting a movie that sensationalizes locking kids in dark closets as ubiquitous ‘punishment,’ bellowed someone named Stephanie Rivera When actually I said: […]

Students vs. Students?

Well, I have to say, asked to become a blogger At The Chalk Face is quite the honor. My name is Stephanie Rivera, and some of you may know me from…or some of you may have no idea what in the world that website is. That is my personal blog on issues in education, […]


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