Vaunted Garfield High School has a problem with sexual assault

From Al-Jazeera America. According to the article, mishandling sexual assault cases is pretty common in public schools and in higher education. There’s certainly an abundance of evidence out there for that. But I was surprised to hear that the venerable catalysts of nationwide test boycotts, Garfield High School, bungled this one. That’s a shame. The […]


To all the educators out there: did you ever catch yourself saying you’re “just” a teacher? As I contemplate my future participation in any and all public conversations on education reform and activism, the one thing that gives me pause is that, without the activism and public commentary, I’m just a Kindergarten teacher. I seriously […]

New New London supe fakes his PhD.

I’m sure you’ve heard that someone called themselves “Dr.” when they didn’t earn it. Some bonehead in Connecticut, from Jonathan Pelto: Claiming that he was “hand-picked” by Arne Duncan to be part of the corporate education reform industry, “Dr.” Terrence Carter has become a national example of what is wrong with the education reform movement. […]

Quick announcement from @ the Chalk Face radio show

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In the meantime, get anything you need from the archive, 24/7.

Back from vacation to crowdsource a problem with school enrollment

Help. My elementary school in a low-income part of Washington, DC needs its community to enroll its children in school. Otherwise, we’re going to have a problem. In previous weeks, and in weeks to come, myself and others are canvassing surrounding neighborhoods to ensure that students are enrolled in school. Previously, I’ve called this “predatory […]

Does anyone else struggle with movement in the classroom?

This from the Answer Sheet: In the following post, Angela Hanscom, a pediatric occupational therapist and the founder of TimberNook, a nature-based development program designed to foster creativity and independent play outdoors in New England, suggests yet another reason more children are being diagnosed with ADHD, whether or not they really have it: the amount […]

The Secretary’s 50 State Plan for #teacherequity

I’m reading the original letter sent to state school officers. Is that Times New Roman? This is the best the highest office in education in the US can do, am I correct? Wow. From Education Week: But addressing that problem won’t be easy. States have a limited authority and capacity to ensure that districts distribute […]

Saving a school: Predatory enrollment

The Washington Post discussed recently the immense pressure administrators, and staff as well, are under to re-enroll students in their schools in order to keep and maintain resources. The move is a sign of the tremendous pressure on the District’s traditional public schools. Charter schools, which appeared less than two decades ago, now enroll nearly […]

The collective illiteracy of education reform

I have no idea how any reform conversant can say what follows with a straight face: When people say the education system is too focused on the adults at the expense of the kids, it can be dismissed as a throwaway line. In fact, as our ongoing conversation about stakes and consequences shows, it’s so much […]

Replace Arne Duncan with whom? THIS GUY!

Sunday July 6th kicked off our first in a series of shows on the craziness that is education reform in the counties surrounding Denver, CO, particularly Douglas County, where we’ve featured topics previously on @ the Chalk Face. I’m sure the reader has heard the NEA’s call for the current Secretary’s resignation. I am also […]

Tomorrow begins a multi-part series from #DougCo Colorado. #talkchalk #CrazyinCO

Here’s the listing for tomorrow’s show at 6PM EST: SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! @the chalk face radio presents “Crazy in Colorado.” We begin a series of Sunday shows devoted to the Rocky Mountain state’s embrace of the failed reform movement and also talking to those marginalized voices that have and are fighting back and suffering tremendous casualties. Joins us at 6 […]

Social networking usage and @ the chalk face

Pew recently updated their facts and information on social media/networking usage. Twitter, as far as I’m concerned, is a cesspool. According to Pew, roughly 19% of all online adults are using it.  May seem like a lot. Yeah, it is. Pretty powerful stuff. But it’s not even close to where we @ the Chalk Face, and […]

Expect a regular series on saving a school

As some of you may know, I walked away from a position in higher education to return to the elementary classroom. With roughly 13 years of experience in education, and two advanced degrees, even rather late in the hiring cycle, I had my pick of teaching positions in Washington, DC. I immediately chose, without hesitation, […]

This #TFA village is hilariously, sadly NOT a joke

Holy hell, I could have sworn this was a joke. It isn’t. A mixed residential/commercial real estate venture in Philly called “Oxford Mills” just opened that caters to the “education community.” Read this article to believe it. Paul Kihn, deputy superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, told the guests, “Oxford will be a great […]

Said it before and we’ll say it again: #edreform is cheap @rocketshiped

Rocketship Education sputters. I guess they didn’t build that play too well as they flew it. An editorial from the WI Journal Sentinel pretty much sums it up. Rocketship relies on inexperienced teachers, almost one-third of whom quit last year. It saves money by having students as young as kindergarten spend one-quarter of their day […]


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