1 down, 179 to go!

Inasmuch as we have so much to resist, there’s still much to feel good about. And much to feel terrified of as well. I’m still nervous. Happy First Day!

Maybe it’s not “fidelity,” it’s just your crappy program.


I have eight different bosses now. Well, not bosses, per se, but several persons of various titles that will potentially give me feedback and suggestions this school year.  You might think this is a tremendous boon to us teachers to have a team of talented people working with myself and others for the benefit of […]

You didn’t expect me, did you? #highered

No one expects the Inquisition. That’s how I feel a lot of the time because I ask a lot of questions. Is that not an educator’s job? College professors looking to do research in our schools: I’m onto you. As a former graduate student and faculty member in higher education, I’ve written numerous human subjects […]

David Berliner @ the Chalk Face offers some words of wisdom.


I paraphrase, check the audio: If you’re going to be a profession of sheep, then you’ll be run by wolves. Great conversation.

The NEA should have listened. It’s too late.


The Washington Post has a feisty profile of the new NEA president, Lily Eskelsen García: What would she do if she were still teaching and an administrator told her to do something in class to improve student’s standardized test scores so that her test-based evaluation would be better?  “I would totally ignore them,” she said. ” ‘Go […]

Yours truly as Hermione Granger in, I think, 2003?


Fifth grade level teachers for Halloween, characters from Harry Potter. Myself as Hermione Granger. Let your eyes settle on that one for a bit. Why do I look like I’m in pain? And, why does my wig look like it was stolen from Bea Arthur, may she rest in peace.

Phil Cantor and Zephyr Teachout @ the Chalk Face


Link to the full, double episode.

Student activist and school board candidate Melissa Katz @ the Chalk Face #stuvoice


The link to the full episode. After you listen, words of encouragement would be nice. 

Robin Williams, Toys, and charter schools

I am for some reason feeling very sad about the loss of comedian and actor Robin Williams. Just a quick note. A few weeks ago, I was for some reason thinking about his movie Toys. It’s interesting, if only for its sets and costumes. Actually, now that I think about it, I was reminded of the […]

DCPS sidelines test-based teacher evaluations. Fine, but…

This from Diane Ravitch. And others. Henderson described the move “as necessary in order to allow students to acclimate themselves to new tests built around the standards established by the Common Core.” That’s a very sensible move. I have, however, one caveat. DCPS evaluates its teachers using the IMPACT system. It may look a little […]

We teachers are often the ones lacking imagination


From Facebook (take it with a grain of salt). But if this image is true, then we teachers are our own problems. What a simple, superfluous, insipid little assignment. Not that everything I’ve done is perfectly genius. In what universe is this an exemplar of “effective” teaching?

Was accidentally wearing my sunglasses while looking up some stuff online. #theylive


Troops to Teachers is a failure. That kind of sucks.

I learned just now that the military’s initiative to encourage former soldiers to become teachers, called Troops to Teachers, has been a failure. There are legitimate critiques of the program, although not all veterans are coming from combat. Nevertheless, I first encountered mention of this program when I was looking for potential solutions to the […]

What precisely is Klout worth, say, in education?

Mike Petrilli highlights the top twitter feeds in education for 2014 according to Klout. Alas, once again, yours truly and the host of other authors on our site fail to make this coveted list. But how important is this metric, really? You might detect some sour grapes on my part in evening taking the time […]

My appearance on Empower DC’s We Act radio on my school’s co-location

Just in case you’re interested in a lengthy discussion about a public school co-location with a charter from the inside.


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