E4E’s Eric Cartman Goes Silent on The Crack Team

E4E's Eric Cartman Goes Silent on The Crack Team

More from the pages of South Bronx School; The Crack Team at SBSB would like to thank the gracious hosts of Educators4Excellence for the comedy and the coffee and Dunkin’ Munchkins that were generously given at today’s youth rally at City Hall park in support of the new evaluation system that is being advocated. As […]

Hunger Strike for Education

Hunger Strike for Education

More from the pages of South Bronx School; How have we gotten to this point? How have we gotten to be on the precipice of the death of education in the United States of America? There is plenty of blame to go around. But, we need to look inward. There are two things that are […]

Parents and Students of District 7 in the Bronx Are About to be Screwed, Again

Parents and Students of District 7 in the Bronx Are About to be Screwed, Again

More from the pages of South Bronx School; Oh the fun does not stop in District 7 in the Bronx. The New York Post reported today that District 7, as the behest of Community Education Council (one wonders whose behest they are working for), that 17 elementary schools in District 7 sill no longer be […]

The Failure of Those in Charge Permeates District 7 in the Bronx


From the ramblings of my blog, South Bronx School Juan Gonzalez wrote a great piece in yesterday’s Daily News on how the Young Leaders Elementary School, a school opened up by Uncle Mike in 2008, is now on the list of possible closures.  Funny thing is, Young Leaders Elementary School replaced another closed school, PS […]

Going Down The Quality Review Tubes at PS 154x


Reprinted from my blog, South Bronx School In 1974, or maybe 1973, Senator Howard Baker then the ranking minority member of the then Senate Watergate Committee asked this famous question during the Watergate hearings; “What did the President know and when did he know it?” Well we here at SBSB are asking the same question […]

Is Maverick Education Partnership (CFN 407) Complicit in PS 154’s Failing??


More from my blog; South Bronx School Is it funny, the ironic kind of funny, how Uncle Mike and his henchmen want to publicly out teachers TDR’s and shame teachers? Yet, where is the voracious callings to show what those who are running the schools actually do, where they are, and what their assessments are? […]

Mayor Bloomberg Is a Spiteful Little Man


Another from my blog; South Bronx School The Crack Team got the phone call today at around 3 PM. We had been monitoring Uncle Mike’s news conference yet briefly called away when the Chinese food had arrived. On the other end of the phone was one of SBSB’s news stringers. He called to share that […]

Hurricane Attention Whoring With Educators4Excellence


Again, thank you for allowing me to share another post from my blog; South Bronx School With the last two days off because of Hurricane Sandy, so many thoughts raced through my mind. One of them was how after watching the Tigers get swept by the Giants how did the Yankees get swept by the […]

Uncle Mike Bloomberg and the NYC DOE Celebrate Failure


This is cross posted from my blog; South Bronx School We all read about it this week in the Daily News. Ninety percent of high school students in five Bronx neighborhoods are not college or career ready when they live the wonderful world of the NYCDOE that Uncle Mike has created for them. But, in […]

Goodbye to PS 154 in The Bronx?


Wow, I have been gone for some time now.  According to SBSB records the last blog post was October 2. Unfortunately, I have been quite busy of late and have had a bad case of writer’s block. But not to fear, as when the blog started back in 2008, I have recently been blessed with […]

E4E’s Michael Loeb Enters Campbell Brown’s Twilight Zone


A lot has been said in the last few days or so of CNN’s Cambpell Brown, and wife of MichelleRheeFirst lackey Dan Senor, and her column in the Wall Street Journal claiming that teacher’s unions, in particular the UFT, protects sexual predators. Nothing, we all know, could be further from the truth. More disturbing is […]

It’s A Far Cry


This will be an interesting blog post, at least in my opinion, so please, be patient and read fully. At the end, you will have an “a-hah” moment. Yesterday was Geddy Lee’s (of Rush) 59th birthday. I made a special morning of it. A cup of coffee, a cupcake with a candle (hoping this time […]

Little Evan Stone Meet Whitney Tilson of T2 Partners LLC. Or Have You Two Met?


Not too long ago, in fact earlier this month, Whitney Tilson was involved in some sort of funny business with Barnes and Noble stock. We here at SBSB reported on it and called for an SEC investigation. Today the Crack Team here at SBSB has learned through sources that Whitney Tilson is under federal investigation. […]


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