Did the Stanford study really examine pleasure reading and critical reading?

Did the Stanford study really examine pleasure reading and critical reading? Re: Reading Literature Not Only a Pleasure (Language Magazine, October, 2012). Language Magazine, in press Stephen Krashen The recent report on a study done by Stanford researchers on the difference between “pleasure reading” and more “serious” reading seems to support recent claims by Common […]

An Academic Language Campaign? A response to Kinsella, 2012.

  An Academic Language Campaign? A response to Kinsella, 2012. Submitted for publication Stephen Krashen   Re: Cutting to the Common Core: Disrupting Discourse, Kate Kinsella, Language Magazine, October, 2012 (http://languagemagazine.com/?page_id=5114)   Kate Kinsella’s “Academic Language Campaign” consists of getting teachers to use a more academic style in the classroom and forcing their students to […]

Insights from fasting

I fasted for 24 hours on Yom Kippur and experienced mood changes and fuzzy thinking (even more than usual). Many poor children and their parents feel this way a great deal of the time. Reformers who think poverty can be overcome by will power might try fasting, even for only one day.

Invest in standards or in protecting children from the effects of poverty?

  I respond here to one of several points Marc Tucker made in a response to Marion Brady, published in Ed Week.  Below is an excerpt from Tucker’s article, followed by my response.  (http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/top_performers/2012/09/8_problems_with_the_common_core_state_standards_i_dont_think_so.html) (Marion Brady) says, this focus on standards is misplaced.  We should instead be focused on the poverty so many of our […]

Letter sent to the Jewish Daily Forward: Poverty and Education

Poverty and educational attainment Sent to the Jewish Daily Forward, August 26, 2012 The Forward editorial “The debate we need” (August 24) notes that the US now has the highest poverty rate among developed nations. According to UNESCO, 23% of American children live in poverty, which ranks us 34th out of 35 economically advanced countries. […]

Bess Altwerger Speaks Out

Bess Altwerger speaks out. (Posted with permission.)   Open Letter to SOSers: Oppose Common Core! Bess Altwerger This is my perspective about SOS’s stance on the common core as one of the founders and a literacy educator for 35+ years. We do not have the luxury of driving safely in the middle of the road […]

Joanne Yatvin: Common Core Standards: a day by day, year by year regimentation of behavior that only fits the academic conformist

Common Core Standards: a day by day, year by year regimentation of behavior that only fits the academic conformist   Published in the Oregonian July 10, 2012. When David Brooks accuses today¹s schools of mistreating disengaged or rebellious boys, he recognizes only part of the problem. Across genders, ethnicities, and socio-economic levels, only one type […]

Do those who like the #commoncore know the facts?

According to an Achieve poll, 68% of teachers and 74% of voters approve of the common core state (sic) standards (either “very favorable” or “favorable”)[http://www.achieve.org/GrowingAwarenessCCSS].  A poll of Education Next readers showed less enthusiasm, with 40% supporting the common core at the time of this writing (either “completely” or “somewhat”) [http://educationnext.org/ednext-readers-poll-common-core/]. I wonder how the […]

Is there no limit to what people will tolerate in the name of “educational reform”?

An unprecedented level of control and invasion of privacy Sent to the Baltimore Sun, June 14. Is there no limit to what people will tolerate in the name of “educational reform (“Biosensors to monitor students’ attentiveness,” June 12)? Making children wear “biosensor bracelets” to see if they are paying attention in school is an outrage, […]

Rouge Forum in Ohio, June 22-24: Occupy Education!

The Rouge Forum conference is coming soon. ROUGE FORUM://OccupyEducation!Class Conscious Pedagogies and Social Change Miami University, Oxford, OH, June 22-­24, 2012 Friday, June 22 8:00am—8:30am Registration and Coffee MCG 322:Assembly Room 8:30am—9:00amWelcome Dr. Dennis Carlson, Professor, Department Educational Leadership, Miami University Dr. Michael Dantley, Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, In-coming Chair, […]

Dealing with the Summer Slump: Try the obvious – support libraries and librarians

Sent to the Miami Herald, June 7, 2012. Administrators at Miami-Dade are aware that  low-income students typically decline in reading during the summer, while middle-class students often improve (“In Miami-Dade school’s out, but summer learning about to start,” June 6) but I wonder if they are aware of why this happens: Studies of the “summer […]

Needed: Affordable higher ed, better work preparation, not rigorous academic standards.

Sent to the New York Times, June 6, 2012 The US Department of Education is promoting the highly rigorous and academically-oriented Common Core Standards, intended to provide better preparation for post-high school education. This isn’t what is needed. A report from the Heldrich Center, the basis for “More Young Americans Out of High School Are […]

More news from the 50th district, CA: I will vote for Tori Osborn

Last week I published a letter to the editor in the Santa Monica Daily Press (http://atthechalkface.com/2012/06/01/report-from-the-50th-assembly-district/) pointing out that the Common Core will require more testing than No Child Left Behind, and more testing than ever seen on planet Earth.  I stated that the candidates for state assembly from my district (50th assembly district, California) […]

Report from the 50th assembly district

Put to the testPublished in the Santa Monica Daily PressJune 1, 2012 Note: I live in the 50th Assembly District in California. There are three candidates running for the democratic nomination for the state assembly, and I have been unable to determine what their positions are about education, other than the fact that all three […]

The fiction/nonfiction ratio: A bad solution to a non-existent problem?

(Also posted on DIane Ravitch’s blog “Why does David Coleman dislike fiction?” May 19, 2012 David Coleman points out that the requirement of 70% nonfiction (informational text) in grades 6-12 applies to reading “in history, social studies, science and technical subjects” and does not mean that students read mostly non-fiction in English class. In fact, […]


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