Stephan Krashen: An Open Letter to the President

November 26, 2012 There is enormous frustration and dissatisfaction among professional educators about current educational policy. Many, especially those in the classroom and closest to the children, feel that current policy, one of closing public schools, encouraging privatization, and imposing more testing than has ever been seen on this planet, is badly misguided and will […]

Why Ritz Won

So many stories are circulating focused on why Tony Bennett lost his rebid for State Superintendent of Public Education in Indiana.  His support for Common Core did him in.  It was the power of  the teachers’ unions.  Over-emphasis of standardized testing alarmed parents.  At the most, each story is perhaps a small piece of the […]

Breaking News: Indiana DOE Stonewalls FOIA about Big $$$

Breaking News: Indiana DOE Stonewalls FOIA about Big $$$.

Behind Tony Bennett’s Election Campaign, A Plan to Take Control of Entire Communities

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett believes in holding schools accountable. But what about himself? He says he’ll give his first term in office a “B.” Bennett appears to be a healthy man with the support of a loving family.  He is well-connected politically and his campaign is financed by some of America’s wealthiest. He lives in a […]

Tony Bennett needs to quit saying “Commitment” and start showing respect.

   Tony Bennett’s favorite catch phrase lately is to tell of his commitment to teachers, students, and Indiana. It was the title of an op-ed he wrote in the Journal Gazette.  His first commercial was entitled Commitment.     Are you suspicious of anyone who adds a whole section to the IDOE website to demonstrate his commitment to […]

Closing a Public School What Bennett Calls a Beautiful Day

   “When the first (public) school closes because it cannot meet the needs, we will be successful. What a beautiful day that will be.” —Tony Bennett, Superintendent of Public Schools,  September 2010. “The two largest sectors of the U.S. economy – health care and education – are poised to expand and become an even larger […]

Room 22 or Room 15

by Dr. Robert Valiant   In room 22 the children are filling out worksheets and practicing filling in bubbles on a test answer sheet. The teacher makes sure that each child stays at the same pace and ensures that her lessons follow the syllabus provided by the district. She checks the calendar and sees she […]

U.S. Students Fall Five More Places on World Tests


In a recent report from the Bi-Coastal Progressive Research Institute (BCPRI), U.S. Students continued their downward trend in comparison with the rest of the world, falling five places in this year’s results. “We expected to fall several places to up and coming nations,” said Dr. M. Egbert Vailison.  “What surprised us though was slipping behind two mammalian […]

More Proof Tony Bennett “Excited” About Deskilling Hoosier Teachers

Tony Bennett posted this announcement on his Facebook account October 12th: I am excited to have the endorsement of Stand for Children for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. I appreciate their support for our re-election, and their awesome for work for the students of Indiana! If you aren’t sure what Stand for Children really stands […]

Tony Bennett selling the big lie about need for Hoosier teacher accountability

In 2010, Tony Bennett and the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) introduced relaxed teacher qualifications known as REPA.  A slideshow presented by Bennett stated the need for REPA was a grade of “D” for “policies affecting teaching quality”. This grade was given by the National Council for Teaching Quality (NCTQ).    The grade of “D” […]

Tony Bennett: An Indiana Fiasco

Fiasco.  That is the best description of the way Tony Bennett is implementing his A-F system for school letter grades.  If you think fiasco is too strong a word, consider the following facts: 1)    On August 30th at the State Board meeting, Tony Bennett announced that the preliminary grades which were to be given to […]

What is Tony Bennett’s Real Commitment?

Here is  “the first television commercial of Dr. Tony Bennett’s re-election campaign for Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction.”  (Emphasis my own. By “first” I assume more are coming.) It’s entitled, “Commitment“. Typically, producing commercials of this quality has a price tag in the many tens of thousands of dollars.  In addition to that is yet the cost of air […]

End Tony Bennett’s Far Reaching Department of Education This November


  “…if it is believed that these elementary schools will be better managed by the governor and council, the commissioners of the literary fund, or any other general authority of the government, than by the parents within each ward, it is a belief against all experience.    Try the principle one step further, and amend […]

Older, Wiser, and Not Giving in to Fear

If everyone stood up to education reform as Barbara Madeloni did, this fight would be over tomorrow.  Be sure to read the top ranked comments. At times, there is a special responsibility for the oldest in the room to speak up. Last spring, Barbara Madeloni, the director of the secondary-teacher education program at the University […]


  The following piece was written by Doug Martin back on May 11, 2011. You can find the orignial post here.   Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett sees teachers and their unions as worse than Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) snaking throughout the locker rooms and hallways of Indiana’s public school buildings. Yet, after setting out on his […]


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