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Ms. Katie’s Ramblings is a collection of musings about my job as a teacher on an inpatient psychiatric hospital unit in Chicago and how those experiences fit in with the larger education debate.  Working on a psych unit brings me in contact with hundreds of children and adolescents from all over the Chicagoland area including kids from neighborhood schools, charter schools, selective enrollment schools, alternative schools, turnaround schools, suburban schools, private schools, and sometimes no school at all.  The education reform movement is almost exclusively being led by non-educators who have little and often no experience in schools or working with students.  Their utter ignorance of the realities of education reform and its impact on real live children, teachers, and communities is unacceptable.  In my blog, I try to tell the stories and discuss the issues affecting my students, my teacher colleagues, and the very real and damaging effects of Ed Reform in Chicago and beyond.

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