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file-20120209003329.jpeg I founded At the Chalk Face during a snowstorm. Snow days are the most productive days for an educator. Nevertheless, the educator’s voice is least prevalent in the broad conversation about their profession. It is instead dominated by self-righteous politicos, think-tankers, and wonks. No more. For the last couple of years, between this site and the radio show co-hosted with Tim Slekar, we have been gradually doing our part. This is our time to consolidate a progressive message in education based on real-world experiences, and certainly not after thorough examinations of production possibility curves.

My position within education has evolved. After four years in higher education, I left to go back to the classroom. I am now teaching Kindergarten in Southeast Washington, DC. For a time, I hid behind a pseudonym, ducking in and around the sidelines because I received excessive scrutiny from my supervisors at the university level. But I’m now once again putting my money where my mouth is, speaking the truth as an educator should. It has been quite liberating to stand by my true name once again.

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