Advertisement: Attend our school and avoid the #CommonCore

Here is a two-sided advertisement flyer inserted into a local newspaper from a Rochester, New York private school.

Do you get the feeling that more private schools will be reacting to the anti-Common Core sentiment to draw more students into their programs?

Sadly I have heard many teachers and parents who love public education, but are considering private or home-schooling in reaction to the corporate education reforms.  Further reason we need to fight the current reforms: not everyone has the means or ability to seek out alternatives to public education.  Public schools are a vital part of our nation and we cannot allow them to be destroyed.

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Private school- no CC

Private school- no CC 1


  1. Ebony in Inwood says:

    I called into WNPR (I’m 41 min in) last week to share this post and to ask the CT State Ed Commish Stefan Pryor why none of the elite schools were jumping on board the CCCS. He did not answer my question. I was also bewildered as to the homogeneity of the panel. Why is ‘ed reform’ such a boys’ club?

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