Cuomo on the Common Core: Another Committee

New York Governor Cuomo has finally started to address the Common Core elephant in the room after months of parent and educator complaints.  Vague as usual, Cuomo has called for a committee to “fix the problems”.  (another story here)

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We have been through this before.  When a politician hears cries of protest, particularly in an election year, he calls for a committee or commission to study the problem.  The problem solving is delayed and possibly forgotten as Election Day comes and goes.

New York Governor Cuomo had a recent Education Commission make the rounds across New York State.  I spoke at a hearing in the summer of 2012 in Buffalo.  The panel was a farce.  Most of the members were business folks, charter school representatives and a couple of politicians.  No p-12 principals or teachers, no superintendents. No parents other than a “Parental Control” advocate.  Will this new “panel w/ed experts and leg leaders” have a similar make up? Is so, this will be an exercise in futility.  The panel must include parents, teachers, and school administrators, but that is wishful thinking.  Is the panel really a delay tactic to appease the masses anyway?

If implementation is the problem with the Common Core Standards, should not those in charge of NYSED be held accountable?  Commish King and Chancellor Tisch are running the show and should be shown the door. Whether you love, hate, or are indifferent to the Common Core, it certainly can be agreed that the new standards have been a disaster in New York.  A rush to test and create curriculum on the fly has had a tragic impact on our public schools.  Teachers are frustrated and stressed.  Students are bored, crying, and overwhelmed. Parents are at wits’ end, especially with the new mathematics terminology and process.

The reform crowd who brought us high-stakes testing, APPR, and the Common Core believe in accountability, but will they be held responsible for their incompetence?

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  1. Anne LaValle says:

    Oh, a committee! Just what I was hoping for! Governor Cuomo, you’re my hero!! -_-

  2. Can these articles be submitted to ny times or cbs or nbs or 20/20 or some mainstream media? Cuomo needs to go down.

  3. I, for one, will NOT forget come election day….


  1. […] not be impressed? Chris Cerrone @ The Chalk Face puts it succinctly and poignantly enough… It’s a FARCE.  We can anticipate already another pointless waste of time, empty caring to placate the voices of […]

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