#AmericanGirl + Pearson = reality.

Get your doll ready for a "rigorous" day of school!

Get your doll ready for a “rigorous” day of school!

From what I hear the American Girl series of dolls from Mattel strives to create a realistic version of 9-11 year old girls.

Congrats Mattel!

This accessory is right on the mark for a young girl attending a public school. The backpack includes a Pearson enVision Math text book that is Common Core aligned.  Hopefully those are number two pencils in that backpack.

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  1. Interesting. Maybe if I buy the doll (which I won’t) I can see the whole textbook. I am not getting any textbook overview because my daughter only comes home with the worksheets.

  2. schoolgal says:

    OH NO!! Not AG. Already made my purchase for the little ones in my family–their requests!! Was even going to purchase the backpack to go with the desk on back order. Glad I didn’t. Would love to know if Mattel is on the list of companies pushing reforms.

    btw, how did you get it to snow on your page???

  3. Pearson is shameless, but we knew that. Time to boycott American Girl, and time to replace that CC$$ math book with Feed.


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