Cuomo: No longer the “lobbyist” for the students?

As the fight over Common Core, high-stakes testing, the new APPR teacher evaluation system, and education commissioner John King’s leadership hits a fever pitch in New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo has been silent for weeks.  Today we finally get some quotes from Cuomo who declared himself “lobbyist” for the students of New York.

“It’s something(Common Core) we’re watching very closely, and it’s something that might be the subject of legislative changes next year,” Cuomo told reporters on Staten Island. “But it’s not anything that I control, so we are watching.”


Credit Rick R. of Lace to the Top.

Apparently Governor Cuomo has forgot how the system of checks and balances works?  Coming from a governor known to bully passage of laws through the state legislature I find Cuomo’s comment full of hypocrisy.  Cuomo has been strangely absent as the self-appointed advocate for students while NYSED Commissioner King has been getting hammered by parents and educators on his Common Core forum tour around the state.

“Cuomo said some of the rollout of Common Core, which started last school year, has been “problematic.”

“It’s actually a decision that the state Education Department is going to make,” Cuomo said.”

Passing the buck.  I guess Cuomo will be running for cover since his education policies are failing the very children he claims to support.

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  1. Cuomo is the Joe Paterno of education reform. How he can allow this child abuse and “pass the buck” is disturbing.

  2. Rick Rennard says:

    Thanks for using the meme! I find it utterly amazing that 1 month and 1 day after Sandy Hook Cuomo pushed his gu legislation through and yet now as our voices are growing louder he claims to have no power………disgusting

  3. Yeah, I posted something similar, Chris. Here’s a governor who stuck the NYC teacher evaluation imposition into the budget, who forced districts across the state to adopt systems or lose 4% budget increases, but now all of a sudden he is powerless to do anything but watch the legislature and the Regents and the SED. What a coward. He must be panicking terribly, watching his job performance numbers plummet to 44%-56%, as the parent protests over his education reform agenda grow all over the state. He’s a fool if he thinks this statement inoculates him from blame for the SED/Regents reform agenda.

  4. Reblogged this on HTA News & Views and commented:

    Governor Cuomo has been very silent on education issues lately, when he finally speaks he passes the buck.

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