CREDO Charter Study Finds Over 70 Percent of Charters Testing Worse or No Better than the Poorest Public Schools

The new CREDO charter school study is out, which means that we point out once more the wasted billions in tax dollars that are now going to corporate apartheid schools that are, in the majority of cases, underperforming the poorest matched public schools in the same communities.  Even though you have to dig through the 2013 study to find what was much more prominent in the hair-on-fire 2009 study (a bow this time around to the patronage of the Waltons?), the bottom line looks much like the bottom line in 2009, with small improvements to the overall horror show:

Our outcome of interest reflects performance from a comparative perspective, judging charter school growth in relation to the local level of academic quality among TPS in the same community. As displayed in Table 20 below, a quarter of charter schools outperform their local TPS alternatives in reading, and 29 percent do so in math. The figure from 2009 was 17 percent of schools with stronger gains in math and 37 percent with smaller gains than the comparison TPS performance. And the share of charter schools that produced inferior outcomes compared to their local TPS has declined to 19 percent of schools in reading and 31 percent in math (p. 86).

Click chart below to enlarge.

Credo chart 2013

So after billions of tax dollars wasted, thousands of public schools shuttered, hundreds of thousands of kids resegregated in cognitive decapitation camps, thousands of teachers fired or savaged by abusive CEO principals who are entirely ignorant of educational matters, we find that one in four (25%) of the corporate chain gangs has higher reading test scores than the poorest public schools in their geographic area; in math, less than a third (29%) have high scores than the poorest public schools.  And we have gone from nearly half of charters doing no better or worse than the  poorest public schools to 56% doing no better or worse.  And we still find almost a third (31%) doing worse in math, and almost 1 in 5 (19%) doing much worse in reading.

The question for taxpayers must answer now is whether or not it is worth it to us to continuing supporting these neo-eugenic behavioral sterilization camps for the poor on the one hand, and the lily-white private academies for children of racists on the other.  Is segregation of America’s school children so important, or is the creation of new strain of proto-fascist school marms so critical that we must spend our scarce dollars for such dystopian schemes?  Is this what we are willing to settle for, really?  Is this the best that the bold corporate reformers can muster??


  1. Margaret Benson says:

    Did we need CREDO to tell us this? Checking on the DOE website in PA, and looking at Charter Schools I found an awful lot of them are under warning. Clearly these schools are not the panacea they are cracked up to be. But don’t we also know that where education is concerned there are no easy fixes?


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