ExxonMobil sends Mafia-style Letter to PA

UPDATE: A source has confirmed that Pennsylvania Governor Corbett’s office did indeed receive this letter.  

Now we’re starting to feel some heat!  Because of opposition movements (like my friends and me), Governor Corbett of Pennsylvania put the brakes on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (aka the Pennsylvania Common Core).  Or, who knows, maybe it was his own thoughtful idea that there might be something amiss and it should be put on hold for a while for consideration before burying PA’s kids in it.  Either way, Common Core is not going to happen just yet.

That move is not acceptable, according to the new godfather of Common Core.  ExxonMobil CEO R.W. Tillerson apparently sent a memo to the governor and his cabinet, as well as state House and Senate members, letting them know of his displeasure with the decision to wait.  Read the following, and try to imagine it being read in Marlon Brando’s voice:

"We made you an offer you refused...bad move, PA. Bad move."

“We made you an offer you refused…bad move, Pennsylvania. Bad move.”

Governor Corbett may soon wake to a horse’s head laying in his bed, which will smell vaguely of gasoline.

As an important side note, guess who is the “top fund owner” at ExxonMobil?


  1. twinkie1cat says:

    The only good oil company is a well-regulated oil company. Exxon-Mobil does many good things for the community, but now matter what else it does, it must be watched carefully.

  2. twinkie1cat says:

    Interesting, especially when you also consider that Bobby Jindal of Louisiana just saw the state legislature force an increase in the budget for public schools after it has been frozen for 5 years and part of his education “reform” law declared unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court. He had to find another source of funding for his vouchers. Fake or not the mess may be starting to slow down.

  3. dbpigtail says:

    I am so pleased (sarcasm) that ExxonMobil is this invested (they’re waiting for the payoff literally) in our children. Where does he get this statement: “… voluntary state-led effort developed by educators, parents, and business leaders…”? What world is he living on? Voluntary? Educators? Parents? REALLY? And then he proceeds to perpetuate the myth about our “under-performing schools.” What he really means is (previously) under-lucrative. And then he says the CC will “produce the workforce that businesses need to remain competitive…”. What he really means is the CC will produce the compliant workforce businesses need to maintain oppressive and wealthy… And the last paragraph when he details all the generous things his company has done for PA… well what he’s really getting at is: If you don’t do what we want, we will make life very difficult for you and your citizens… hint hint… we’ll take our money and go elsewhere!

    • Margaret Benson says:

      Not that easy for them to do — PA has lots of Marcellus Shale, and they can’t take that with them.

  4. skatergirl73 says:

    Everything seems to be connected to to everything else in politics. So I would not be surprised if there is a connection between this and the fracking. I wonder if this was a real letter or someone trying to stir up some controversy?

    • twinkie1cat says:

      I would not doubt that there are a number of strange things connected to fracking. We have it in North Louisiana and last year a huge sinkhole opened up over a salt cavern where Texas Brine stores natural gas in Assumption Parish. They are having to buy out the houses of a lot of people on Bayou Corne and don’t want to pay what the people think their property is worth. You just don’t go blasting mountains without expecting some kind of reprecussions.

  5. Peg Metzger (Bflo,NY) says:

    R.W. Tillerson: obviously an unfortunate example of a male homosapiens with a small cerebrum, an excess of hutzpah, and elephantiasis of both his testes and his self importance.

  6. How much you wanna bet the states getting the most pressure for CCSS are the same states that are being pressed for fracking and drilling and pipeline legislation?

  7. And we all knw how ExxonMobil has enhanced to quality of our lives. My daughter who lives in Alaska can certainly name a few Valdez-like occurrences. Granted, the oil business is a moneymaker,but do they have to expand their destruction beyond their own expertise?


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