Innovation Like 1954!: The Technology Khan Continues

Sal Khan is the twenty-first century version of a template that stretches back to the nineteenth century: Championing the so-called cutting-edge technology as the savior for all educational problems.

To see how ridiculous these claims are, and always have been, view the video below and insert any technology advocate you want, but I recommend Khan:


* Credit and thanks are offered to friend and colleague Adam Bessie


  1. So much information and so very little wisdom.

  2. I’ve thought the same thing. Was this the ipad in those days?



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  2. […] * For fun, compare claims by Gates such as ”…much of the promise of technology in the classroom has to do with adaptive, personalized learning for every student. The best applications out there can adapt to different students’ learning needs, figure out what they know and what they still need work on” with a little video from 1954: […]

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