high stakes testing moratorium? @slekar says not enough!

Sorry, but Randi Weingarten’s call for a “moratorium on the consequences of high stakes testing with the Common Core standards” is worthless!

We don’t need a moratorium on “consequences” associated with the Common Core.  We need the abolition of all high-stakes testing and dissolution of the Common Core.

Anything else is a capitulation to the destructive forces of the education reform machine!

According to Randi, “We have the ability to transform the very DNA of teaching and learning, to move away from rote memorization and endless test taking, and toward problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork….”

What in the world is she talking about?  I agree with her first assertion and that the DNA of teaching and learning will be transformed.  However, let’s be honest.  The transformation will really be a genetic mutation that disfigures teaching and learning so that “rote memorization and endless test taking” will be at the core of all teaching and learning.   Problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork will be forever banned from the genetic material that makes up real teaching and learning.

However, I do agree with Randi that “[t]he Common Core standards have the potential to be a once-in-a-generation revolution in education….”  If we allow this “revolution” to proceed we will destroy authentic teaching and learning and reduce our children to untapped vessels of data. We are literally about to sell the souls (data) of millions of children in the name of the Common Core and this will revolutionize education!

There is no middle ground on the Common Core.  It is a curriculum directly linked to high stakes testing and the selling of data to for profit companies.

Someone has to say it!

This is not “solution driven unionism.”  This is individual protectionism. This is nothing more than a massive sell out of AFT membership and American public school children.

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  1. Jim Horn says:

    Thanks, Tim. When I saw that Randi was making her “bold” call for a moratorium, my first thought was that the reform schoolers have decided they need more time before they start using test results to label more schools and start firing teachers. Who better to let the news out than Randi, the Oligarchs’ most reliable stooge, who could appear as a voice of protest to CC, while making it clear she is devout believer in CC. The two faces of Randi that we are allowed to see.

    I think Randi is right about the revolution stuff. If this new testing delivery system does not fizzle, it will take on a deeply religious significance by clearly defining, finally, what is thinkable in school and what is not. The tests will make sure that the faithful remain so. School as corporate catechism, you might say, where creative thought is rooted out and blind devotion to career readiness (college is just the top level of career readiness) becomes paramount for a whole new generation of children who will become radicalized to accept the corporate values of blind intolerance toward other value structures, unending sacrifice, cutting corners and throats to get ahead, and endless unquestioned marching on the road to nowhere. The final days of capitalism demand such a system in order to further concentrate wealth and power and to assure full complicity by another generation who are taught to choose slavery while waving the flag of freedom.

  2. burghardt says:

    There is a lot of work ahead of us and not much time. Much was made nationally in progressive education circles about the emergence of the UFT opposition group MORE in New York, but it received roughly 16% of the vote (compared to leadership’s 84%) in the recent union officer elections. MORE activists are quite sincere, but the group’s stress on electoral work and delegate assembly confrontations with leadesrhip, the difficulty it has articulating an alternative vision of assessment, instruction, school governance, etc. are not indicative of what needs to be done.

  3. Judy Rabin says:

    Hi Tim,

    I saw Randi Weingarten in NYC with Merrow a few years ago, and she is either clueless about who she is in bed with, or a good actress.

    She said, “I thought the days of propaganda were over” about the huge myths that surround NCLB and RttP. Then I realized why there were only 40 people in the audience in NYC to hear what she had to say.

    New leadership who can stand up for what is ethically and morally right and just is long overdue.

  4. The AFT is representing who? Time for a leadership purge. Randi has no idea what’s happening on the front lines. …Or she does and someone needs to see if she has any off shore bank accounts.


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