We should not valorize all educators with impunity

Because of this woman, an Indiana bigot educator who wants to exclude students who are gay from prom. We have to admit, as ardent public school and teacher advocates, that not everyone in the classroom is playing with a full deck.


  1. We shouldn’t valorize *any* educators. Or any non-educators for that matter. Valorizing people is a big part of the problem of why we’re in the mess we’re in now, no matter which mess it is you’re talking about. People are human. They make mistakes, they fail, they fall prey to their less noble sides. No human being should be imbued with god-like status or glory. All humans need checks and balances, not just the three branches of government.

    • You are right, I feel you. But I always hear this stuff about teachers being the light of the universe, lighting candles in the hearts of children, all of that. I do want to make sure we understand that teachers are people, and teaching is a job that few would do without getting paid.

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