If You Had to Choose

Just a quick one, after reading what kids can do when they are given the time, the support, and the encouragement they crave to learn the things that interested.  I want to play a quick round of “Would You Rather?”

Would you rather see American children follow through on curiosities and interests, like Jack Andraka, who recently self-invented a diagnostic procedure for cancer?



Or, would you rather see our kids compete, year after year, on more and more standardized tests, where they prove that they can get higher scores than each other (while showing their teachers did a good job of “covering” the Common Core Standards) in order to compete for spots in college, where only about 30% will graduate? *Whew!*

I know there’s a balance to be had, but it sure isn’t happening right now.  And it definitely isn’t happening for our poor, minority, and urban students.  Leave them alone; they have tests to prepare for.

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