Teachers Rock in School: But what about out of School?

At this point you’re probably aware of my dissatisfaction with Jon Stewart and his tepid interview with the “radical” Michelle Rhee.  OK I’m moving on–from Jon–not Rhee.

I want to go back to one of the statements that she made in the interview.  However, if you have the stomach to do so and follow Ms. Rhee, you know she makes this statement regularly:

The research is very clear.  That of all the in school factors that exist, it’s the quality of the teacher in the front of the classroom everyday that has the most impact…







Fitness for Life



Someone has to say it!

The research is very clear.  OUT OF SCHOOL factors that Rhee and other “reformers” like to call “excuses” essentially destroy any in school factors.

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  1. My Principal once cited this same “research” at a small group meeting, although his interpretation was even worse, saying “A great teacher is the biggest factor in a child’s achievement.” I respectfully challenged him and told him that I will fully accept my role as a teacher, but that I cannot and should not be held accountable for all of the out of school factors. He later came to me and agreed with me – but that statement was never made to the group. Our Superintendent even said at a faculty meeting “Great teachers can raise children out of poverty.” As an educational leader, he should know better………..sadly too many are drinking the Kool-Aid and buying this load of crap that the likes of Rhee and Gates are selling.

  2. Someone had to say what? All I saw was a bunch of old pictures and some platitudes. I don’t know about Rhee’s statement-Surely a motivated and inquisitive student can overcome a bad teacher. Bad pedagogy might be another matter. Believe it or not they all exist

    • Yes, and they exist in all professions: health, banking, retail, everywhere.

      You must not be up on the entire issue…google Jersey Jazzman and read his breakdown of the Rheeject’s appearance.

      Talk about platitudes…Rhee is the queen!

  3. She refers to her “organization” in the interview as well. No one knows how much her organization is making off of “reform” and the more something is repeated the more low level thinkers she can get to believe her bunk!

  4. Shelley’s just a hot mess. Hopefully her reign will end in a perp walk of sorts along with Kevin “Roaming Hands” Johnson.

  5. Well, what research is she referring to? Wouldn’t that be the logical follow up question?

    We all know how Gates “research” is designed to come to the conclusion that supports Bill’s opinion before the research began.

    She has memorized her lying talking points and she is sticking to them. The Rheeject would never hold up if questioned by educators. She never appears in a forum where she is not treated with kid gloves.

    • Carol Levin says:

      She is just one more factor in the dismantling of public education. Unless or until this country deals with the injustice of poverty, “they” will win.


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