The Enemy is Testing, Enlist.



  1. I’m not sure if this brief communique will get beyond the filters where I am. I’m in the Admin. offices on a high school campus. And this campus is typical of the huge expense being billed to taxpayers and at the expense of teachers working without a contract since 2009. There are so many more “pull-outs” due to not just ILT, GLC, meetings, but faculty/admin meetings regarding RTTT. Hawaii got $75 million and hope they can keep it. So far, goals have to been met. Ooops. The governor and state want to include substitute pay for all these massive number of pullout meetings in the union negotiation. Except, the teachers’ union has no connection to substitutes. And ELT? Extended learning time? In the “Innovation Zones” (Read: high poverty zones) where restructuring failed and now the DOE is trying to qualify these zone complexes so that the RTTT money isn’t cut. ELT consists of cramming kids from all grades and ability levels into one classroom, for each classroom I should say, and the expectation is that this additional time (55min) will, somehow, produce incredible improvement in grade outcomes. The time could be helpful, but the implementation of it is so disorganized. RTTT money is not used for ELT. And the governor wants to not give back 5% taken away and give out a 2% increase. It’s time for teachers to ditch their union as it is dragging along as slowly as the mediation board (handpicked by the gov) and STRIKE—statewide. Fat chance. Hit send. Bail. Roger dat.

  2. James Scarlett_Lyon says:

    I’ve watched over the past 8 years or so the number of teaching days lost and the literally millions of dollars pissed away for every round of testing. Please make it go away and let us just educate students again.

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