#Florida, #Bush, I get the point, but…

#Florida, #Bush, I get the point, but...

…does anyone else find this image deeply disturbing? This will be in my nightmares, for sure.


  1. Jazmine James says:

    Now wait a minute……the public schools aren’t entitled to taxpayers dollars just because they exist. If a student doesn’t go to a public school, then parents should be able to have the say as to where their tax dollars go.

    • They are, in a way. Schools are still funded largely by property taxes. So, even if you don’t have children, you still pay into the schools. As you should because an educated populace is a public good. Now, why is it important for parents to have a say where their tax dollars go when we don’t have a say when taxes go to, say, bailing out large banks or subsidies for oil companies?

  2. readingexchange says:

    Yes, this drawing is both accurately appropriate and deeply disturbing all in a single glance. This is a unique experience for me. I tried not to gaze upon the drawing too long in order to avoid this image possibly starring in, what I fear will be, an imminent nightmare this evening. :)

  3. Old Chinese Proverb. – A picture is worth a 10,000 words!

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