The Future is Disappearing…But Why?

In my soon-to-be-released, self-published book, I do my best to help parents, teachers, and others understand why the Common Core Network is so bad for our kids and our nation’s future.  (This is not a shameless plug, I promise.  I have a real question here.)  It’s becoming common knowledge that the Common Core State Standards Initiative, the ever-increasing standardized testing based on the Standards, and the privatization movement waiting in the wings for the schools to fail–based on those scores–is a power and money grab by investors and “philanthropists.”  There is a lot of money to be made here…a lot!  But it’s also been shown multiple times through research and case studies that this corporate movement is hurting our kids, burning out our teachers, dumbing down public education, and removing the higher-order skills from the classroom (as well as the “human” skills that are so important).

Diane Ravitch and others have warned that this will damage the United States’ economic future and our national security.  It will grow the income inequality that we’ve seen over the past two decades.  It will reverse our civil rights gains.  It will make this country unrecognizable to its citizens.

Here’s my question: Why?  Why is the power and wealth elite moving us in this direction?  If privatization of education is their goal, and the bleak future that results is so clear to those who can see it, then why move forward with it?  Do they not care?  Is there some planned future that looks really good for the wealthy, and the rest be damned?  Or does money really result in very short-term thinking, to the point that the “reformers” can’t and won’t look that far ahead?

I ask because I don’t know.  Please help me out.  I’ve heard it from other readers who can’t believe that our leaders would allow our children and our country to go to waste.  I don’t have an answer for them, because it sure looks that way to me.

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