Seattle MAP #optout: A parent and teacher speak out @ the chalk face.

@ the chalk face internet radio

What’s going on in Seattle?  What do parents have to say?  What does it feel like to be a teacher on the front line of the MAP opt out?

Shaun and Tim talk to one of the founding members of Parents Across America and Seattle parent Sue Peters about the MAP out out and why parents should support teachers as they take a courageous stand against high stakes testing.

Also, after a week, how are the teachers at Garfield handling the pressure after their bold strike against high stakes testing? Shaun and Tim talk to Garfield teacher, Heather Snookal.  And according to Heather, life for Garfield teachers has been transformative!

Listen here:



  1. Margaret Benson says:

    Regarding getting teachers to lead the rebellion: (1) It may be quite true that people who like a rule-based institution, and a clear structure are attracted to teaching. They would tend to be conservative (in the sense of liking things they way they are, and being slow to come to a boil). But (2) a lot of teachers are women, for whom this was a socially approved profession. Many of them do not see themselves as rebels in any form, but as the people who must uphold community standards, Asking them to engage in an act of rebellion is asking them to be someone they do not know.

    • Margaret,
      Isn’t it time for them to get to know that other someone? Following district, state and federal education commands surely is not upholding community standards. Rebelling (although not a comfortable thing to do) is really the only thing left to do.

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