@ the chalk face’s Chris Cerrone: Proudly part of the 1%

If you haven’t been following the courageous kick back at corporate education reform then you must be living under a rock.

Garfield, Ballard, ORCA K-8: Schools in Seattle that have said no to mandatory MAP testing!

And on the the other side of the country in Buffalo, NY a small school district has said no to itimidation and unfair teacher evaluations.  The school district is…Hamburg!  Home to @ the chalk face’s own Chris Cerrone—one badass teacher advocate.

What’s a bit disheartening is that according to reports, Chris Cerrone’s Hamburg School District is part of only 1% of schools in New York that have told the state to “back off.”

“Hamburg is one of only a few districts in the state that has not submitted a plan. About 99 percent of the state’s unions and school districts have reached agreement on evaluation plans, according to Carl Korn, spokesman for New York State United Teachers.”

Come on New York teachers.  Follow Hamburg out of the darkness!


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