@edshow @maddow twitter blast: Copy, Paste and Tweet!

Copy, Paste and Tweet!

@edshow @maddow Why does MSNBC talk to Rhee instead of me? Have you compared our credentials?  @m_rhee

@edshow @maddow For-profit schooling profits the corporation, not the kids.

@edshow @maddow The crime and story of the century–selling our public schools. Why the crickets?

@edshow @maddow Your viewers are products of a rich public education. What about this generation?

@edshow @maddow when public schools are gone who will care about fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings?

@edshow @maddow taking limited tax dollars from poor schools in the name of reform is a crime against all Americans.

@edshow @maddow without a free public education the ability of future citizens to lean forward is curtailed.

@edshow @maddow Fining poor children for untucked shirts is prison training. Look at Charters in Chicago

@edshow @maddow privatizing public schools is also privatizing democracy.

@edshow @maddow closing the community schools of poor and minority students and siphoning tax dollars to do it is not news?

@edshow @maddow For profit Charter Schools’ behavior management prepares “the least among us” for the profit making prison system.

@edshow @maddow How much longer before the take over of public schools by billionaires results in hyper ghettoizing?

@edshow @maddow Making a profit while disenfranchising children. How is this not a HEADLINE?

@edshow @maddow I have friends who have lost jobs fighting #edreform. Want to talk to them?

@edshow @maddow Should we just go away? Do your corporate bosses fear us? Ignoring us won’t make us go away!

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