PA Ed secretary comments on D+ from #studentsfirst

In case you were wondering, Michelle Rhee gave Pennsylvania a D+. However, do not fret.

Since Gov. Tom Corbett took office in 2011, Tomalis said the state has made strides toward achieving more of the goals that StudentsFirst supports “and continues to do more,” he said.”

That’s right. Pennsylvania’s secretary of education…

Ronald (no degree in education) Tomalis

Patriot-News "Big Story" community forum on education

… is working with governor Corbett on implementing strategies supported by studentsfirst.

And what are those strategies and what does the research say about implementing them?


  1. High stakes testing for kids. Research says NO!
  2. Evaluating teachers using the high stakes test scores of kids. Research says NO!
  3. Expanding Charters Schools.  Research says NO!
  4. Closing neighborhood schools. Research says NO!
  5. Paying teachers based on student test scores.  Research says NO!
  6. Getting rid of teacher tenure.  Research says NO!
  7. Eliminating collective bargaining.  Research says NO!

Allowing a corporate ideology of market driven reforms to dismantle public schools.

Democracy says No!

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