Education Vomitation

Isn't it time to purge our education system?

Like so many Americans, I recently had the flu. While I was sick, I noticed that after I threw up, I felt much better.  Now recovered, I’ve been reflecting on how the experience of vomiting relates to public education. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with our education system that a little purging couldn’t […]

Diminishing Returns

Recently New York Governor Cuomo discussed how he plans to improve the schools of the Empire State by moving to longer school days and extended school years.  Governor Cuomo claimed he would fully fund these objectives if local districts signed on.  I would wonder where the money would come from with schools across the Empire State making significant […]

New from CREDO: Charter Schools are No Better than Public Schools, and Don’t Expect Them to Change

A slightly different version of this post appears at Common Dreams.A new analysis of charter schools in the U. S. is out from CREDO, the Stanford-based outfit that found in 2009, when there were 4,700 charters across 40 states, that 17 percent of the nation’s charter schools were scoring better on standardized tests than the […]

see something, say something–organize!

These are scary and exciting times to be an activist. Scary because the privatizing dehumanizing forces of neo-liberalism are wrecking havoc everywhere; from the climate, to endless wars, to health care, to outrageous income inequality, and, as readers of this blog know, to dismantling public education.  The magnitude of this assault, its machine-like ability to […]

NCTQ Letter Grades and the Reformer Agenda– Part VII

Let’s just cut to the chase and examine some of the icons of corporate reform sitting on this nonpartisan (remember, think “neutral”) NCTQ advisory board. I give you– in a blog entry all to herself, and including her own NCTQ promotional paragraph– Wendy Kopp. Wendy Kopp Wendy Kopp founded and leads Teach For America, which aims […]

@dianeravitch thinks we’re cool. Cool. #edreform #p2

More folks than you can believe are excited for the roll-out of the new At the Chalk Face. Diane Ravitch definitely having some words about it. You know, I must say, it goes down a lot better than the new Fish McBites. So, yeah, there you have it.

School-to-Prison: A Real Education Crisis


Q.E.D. has a pretty depressing look at the side-by-side comparison between education stats and incarceration stats in America.  As we fight over who gets to close the achievement gap based on junk science, students in poverty look forward to a statistically bleak future.  This is a true education crisis; the one that we’re accustomed to […]

First, Do No Harm


Hi! It’s me! Yeah, that teacher who got way too much press just for quitting his job.  What kind of world do we live in where a teacher leaves and is celebrated by his colleagues and several dozen parents for just up and leaving?  Sheesh. Well, we live in a world where teachers don’t really […]

A comment about teaching the superbowl in class

In response to “Seven Super Bowl Lesson Plans and Resources for the Classroom” published in Edutopia: In the discussion of the superbowl in class, please also include the role of professional athletics in society. Noam Chomsky has pointed out that understanding of the details of athletics (eg points after touchdown, off-side penalties, linebackers, odds, […]

Corporate Lobbying by Memphis BioWorks Buys Charter Renewal for MASE

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports this morning that the Shelby County School Board voted 18-1 to renew the local charter school, MASE, which has worse test scores than public schools that have been turned over recently for charter conversion. But heavy lobbying by officials of the school operator, Memphis Bioworks Foundation, was evident in the […]

Simple Is As Simple Does

Have you seen “Simple English Wikipedia“?  This is a companion site for “Regular English Wikipedia.” Here is the description (my emphasis): This is the front page of the Simple English Wikipedia. Wikipedias are places where people work together to write encyclopedias in different languages. We use Simple English words and grammar here. The Simple English […]

NCTQ Letter Grades and the Reformer Agenda– Part VI

UPDATE 06-20-13:  Paul T. Hill is no longer a member of the NCTQ advisory board.  The other three persons discussed in this post– Joseph Hawkins, Frederick Hess, and E.D. Hirsch, remain. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Writing these posts about the NCTQ advisory board takes quite the time investment.  These folks evidence such incredible bias and conflicts of interest, […]

Poverty and the “achievement gap”: Some new data

Carnoy and Rothstein (2013) compared US performance with Korean, Finland and Canada on the PISA 2009, given to 15-year-olds. All three of these countries generally score about 1/3 of a standard deviation better than the US in reading and math on international tests; Arne Duncan refers to these three countries as the three “consistent high-performers” […]

MASE, First Memphis Charter, Up for Renewal or Closure: Where the Oxymoronic Meets the Moronic


When the Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering (MASE) opened 10 years ago, it was supposed to herald a new day of great achievement in Memphis schools.  Now ten years and millions of wasted dollars later, what was to be the solution to low test scores has now achieved its way to the bottom of […]

After Cornerstone Charter Abuse Scandal Deepens in Memphis, NAACP Demands Accountability from State and Charter Operators


Cornerstone CEO Sippel What began last fall in Memphis as the corporate reform schoolers’ grand experiment to turn over public schools to white charter operators with no accountability for how children are treated, has turned into a nightmare for parents of children at Cornerstone Prep and other less publicized charter chain gangs for black and […]


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