How to Stop the Machine? RAGE!

I’m sorry but nothing soothing from me today.  I’m grieving!  And going through the grieving process requires battling a deluge of emotions—one being anger.

I’m not even sure how to express this anger in words so if this post rambles I apologize now.

Since Newtown we have heard about heroism and teachers.  We have heard that maybe we should rethink the idea (pushed by the arrogant ignorance of the reformers) that teachers are nothing more than a drain on tax dollars. We have heard that we should rethink a system that cuts school counseling services to pay for common core professional development and meaningless data management systems.  We have heard that maybe, just maybe that our public system of education might be worth saving.

But I think we need to get real.  We (pro public education bloggers and activists) are the only ones making the connections I stated above.

Not a single reformer has stepped forward to admit that their contempt for public schools and teachers was, maybe even slightly misguided.  All they’re doing is staying quiet for the moment.

And the media and our elected officials have decided this is the moment to debate guns and the distorted definition of “assault” rifles.  What a waste of time and a distraction from the real problems—suffering as a result of poverty and suffering as a result of a dysfunctional mental health system!

I’m sorry but nothing is going to change. We can blog to each other all damn day. But unless we are willing to start risking our own safety (job security for most of us) and take some kind of action against this insanity we are doomed!

Celia Oyler stated on Facebook,  “Ann Schulte is speaking to me. She says, ‘unless we put our bodies upon the gears of the machine’ we will be relegated to be the technicians who maintain it. The technician that maintains the machine (that crushes children and teachers).”

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