Tomorrow we #teach again!

The time to teach is now.

After the horror in Newtown are we finally ready to take a moment and realize that our public schools are not little test prep factories designed to produce human capital for the American economic machine?

Rather, our public schools are the places in our communities where our children go every day to learn how to be better human beings. And if this is true, then those of us entrusted with the noble task of creating safe learning environments and educating our children must immediately change course!

Tomorrow we walk into our classrooms and reclaim our positions as TEACHERS.

No more Corporate Education Reform. No more accountability. No more high stakes testing. No more data driven instruction. No more teacher evaluations tied to student test scores. No more Pearson.  No more Common Core. No more Charter Schools.

No more Money Changers in our Temples.

We aren’t leaving any children behind and we aren’t racing to the top.  We are responsible for developing relationships with children that help them become engaged citizens that practice compassion.

We will not be told or forced to do anything that does not promote human connections and expressions of love.

Our children have suffered enough. Our jobs require us to nurture children and to guide them on a mission where they are committed to eliminating societal and politically induced suffering.

Some say evil visited Newtown.  I don’t necessarily believe in evil.  Evil is typically a condition of suffering.   Let’s start easing the suffering.

Let’s start tomorrow committed to loving our children and teaching them how to love.

Tomorrow we teach again!

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  1. Nice, love this post. I’ve often wondered what would happen if all the teachers in this country just stopped teaching the way they have been told to for the last few years with the Common Core and the testing, etc, and just taught the way they believe they should teach from their hearts. You, as teachers, are commissioned with one of the most important jobs in this country, the future and what you do now will impact everyone, not just the children. Reminds me of something else too. Just like soldiers on a war front so to speak, stand down and lay your weapons on the ground. Great post.

    • Julia,

      It’s really that simple. Just put down the weapons (test, test prep, common core, etc) and start teaching again.


      • It really IS that simple.

        I, too, have all the curriculum guides, District-produced 70+-page booklets of classroom ideas, and personally bought teaching/classroom management guides. Their spines make for a colorful display on one of our classroom shelves.
        Not to say there is nothing worthy or usable in any of them; there is. I take those parts and incorporate them into what I do . . . teach.

        Not for nothin’–heh heh–but my kids DO show progress on standardized tests without one single day of “test prep.” Imagine!

        Sometimes, what we do in class does have to be justified, but we are very lucky to have administrators who believe teaching is not an exact formula, and that learning happens in our classroom.

        None of this is meant to imply that the Yellow-brick Road is achieved each day, each class period, with each student. It most definitely is not. However, I teach, we learn and, more often than not, test results rise.


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