I’m sick of normal!

“How do we get back to normal?”  The typical question asked after horrible tragedies.  And what is the answer, really?


How can anything be “normal” after such horror? In fact, I don’t want to go back to normal.  Our accepting of others’ defined normality surely contributed to this nightmare.

Is it “normal” to live side by side with our fellow human beings and watch as some celebrate decadence while others have to steal bread?

  1. How normal is it that children live in poverty with no access to good food and health care?
  2. How normal is it that we have the wealthiest society in history and yet a significant portion of our brothers and sisters are homeless?
  3. How normal is it that we still are enamored with quantity, measurement, and soulless objectivity?


I want a life filled with quality.

I want life filled with compassion.

I want a life of soulful subjectivity.

I want a new normal!

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