Public Good and the Will of the Ownership Class

Our economy, that is, the economy owned by the one percent, is no longer centered on production and consumer purchases.  It is no longer a part of employment.  It is increasingly centered, controlled by credit creation which, in turn, is used to create profits and income in the form of interest payments until any economic […]

An OPT OUT myth debunked.

I have been involved in the opt out of high-stakes testing movement as a parent for almost a year now.  One of the constant comments I hear from concerned parents or educators is that the top academic achievers are the students who opt out, therefore hurting their teacher’s and school’s scores.  This is a major […]

The Hoover Institute’s Amazing Discoveries

I previously characterized much of the research published by “reformers” as evidence-influenced, as opposed to evidence-driven.  I cited criticisms by Bruce Baker and Julia Sass Rubin of the new Hoover Institute CREDO study of New Jersey charter schools.  Today, however,  I would like praise the conservative think tank.  “Charter School Performance in New Jersey,”  includes a repudiation of everything that the Hoover […]

Continuing skirmishes with CCSS cheerleaders on Diane Ravitch’s blog

“There is no evidence that standards and tests improve school achievement. The money budgeted for standards and tests to enforce the standards should be used to protect children from the effects of poverty.” — Professor Stephen Krashen The following is my edited commentary in response to comments by a CCSS supporter on the Professor Ravitch […]

A multiple choice quiz with only one question

Who said this? “… the revolution in business … will, over time, take place in education, too. We will move away from a system that assumes every child of a particular age moves at the same pace in every subject, and develop a system directed to the particular talents and interests of every pupil.” (a) […]

The fiction vs. non-fiction debate: A distraction from a more important question

Sent to the Los Angeles Times, Dec. 27, 2012 The debate over fiction vs. non-fiction in the Common Core is diverting us from a more important question: should we have common core standards? The rational for the standards is the belief that our schools are “broken.” There is no evidence this is true: Middle class […]

Another mysterious video from the #occupythedoe crowd. Interesting.

As the title suggests.

The consequences of excessive detail.

A reader of Diane Ravitch’s blog (, December 20, 2012, commented about the amount of detail in the standards: “ (The excessive) amount of detail reduces flexibility, ownership, and increases dependency on publishers and corporation produced curriculum and assessment. It leaves little room for education; to draw out and support the development of student’s unique […]

Glen Ford on the Corporate Assault on Public Education and Black Progressivism

Essential history that everyone needs to examine to understand how corporate reform school policy bought legitimacy among minorities by buying politicians like Howard Fuller, Cory Booker, Kevin Chavous, Kevin Johnson, and Floyd Flake.  From April 2012:

Debunking Common Core Curriculum’s so-called Four C’s

“When you go to doctors, they don’t take all your blood, they only take a sample.” — Professor Stephen Krashen Professor Diane Ravitch had a brief comment entitled The True Goals of Education? this morning where a reader suggested a sort of whole child approach based on virtues as opposed to tedious test preparation. That […]

The Night Before

Thank you Rosalie Friend for sending this from Fred Smith at Change the Stakes in New York The Night Before… ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the state Tisch was telling the Regents that she couldn’t wait. The new year was coming, surely bringing the best; Every school overflowing with test after test. […]


Released on Friday just before Christmas: “Consortium Releases Technology Guidelines for Common Core Tests” list of technological requirements (minimum and optimal) to implement common core. No mention of how much it will cost. But it will clearly cost a lot. And we are told that this is “an ongoing process” – in other words, […]

Kudos from #democraticunderground for @thechalkface

Kudos from #democraticunderground for @thechalkface Thanks.

Pretty intense advert for #occupy2.0 in April, thanks Califather

From Califather.

Join us @thechalkface tonight at 430p EDT, a little @jerseyjazzman and @edushyster

Listen here.


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