GEDs for the 1%.

Recent news out of Hartford, Connecticut is that the NON PROFIT GED Testing Service is “merging” with Pearson .  This must mean that the GED will be delivered more efficiently because of the enormous resources Pearson will be able to put behind delivering the GED.  This must mean reduced costs and better delivery systems—efficiency! Great news for people seeking a GED right?

But no, that assumption would be wrong.

In Connecticut, it currently costs $13 to take the GED….  The price of the new test, however, will jump to $120.

Yep!  That’s right. Now that the multi-billion dollar mega testing Corporation—Pearson—is taking over the price for taking the GED will increase ten fold.

Why?  GED programs typically serve economically disadvantaged people trying to make a better life for themselves.

“It is going to be prohibitive … People come here with pennies and nickels, bringing us change to pay for their GED,” Walker says. “So it’s going to be a class issue. People who have no money will never be able to actually take the GED.”

What sense does it make to take away one of the few structures in our society designed to help people receive the equivalency of a high school diploma? Why would we want to create another obstacle to social mobility?  It’s a damn economic fact that high school graduates earn more money that high school drop outs and that students who receive a GED and further their education earn even more.

So, for those of you out their that seem to think their is no such thing as class warfare, please explain why we would make the price of taking the GED “prohibitive!”

But don’t spend too much time.  As explained in the article, taxpayers usually subsidize the GED.  So for at least the short term (eventually the costs will be absorbed exclusively by the test takers) it will actually cost the taxpayers more.  Or what a great f%cking deal for Pearson.  States will now pay Pearson ten times the original cost of a GED.

Makes you wonder how much money Pearson spent lobbying legislators in Connecticut?

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  1. Wait, I thought privatization of gov’t services would save money. For example: private prisons, Blackwater and Haliburton, oh, wait, never mind.

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