Oh, and one other thing about #PARCC samples, and it’s kind of funny

Oh, and one other thing about #PARCC samples, and it's kind of funny

I’m looking at a 10th grade reading prototype here. You have links to the articles or sample readings. So, you click the links and they take you to a couple of random websites. One is some guy’s blog on poetry. The other for Ovid links randomly to the Sogang University in Korea website that, for some strange reasons, has an English translation of Ovid on their server. What the hell is going on here? You have these companies with billions of dollars coursing through the veins, and this is what you get: random hyperlinks from some intern who probably Googled Ovid? Seriously? This seems like amateur hour here.


  1. This is troubling! I was just introduced to PARCC at my school this past month and I have yet to dig into it in depth. Playing devil’s advocate: could it be that they have yet to set up more legitimate links? Could this just be a test of the infrastructure and not what kids will end up actually using? Or am I so new to all of this that I really don’t know what I’m saying. Your thoughts?

    • No, I’m sure you have a point, that this is all preliminary. But this is the public’s first glance at the materials. You’d think your best foot would go forward and not some hastily assembled mish-mosh of content. This is your time to convince the public that what you have is special, a test worth teaching to. All we have here is yet ANOTHER standardized test, multiple choice, selected response. Perhaps the interface or software is better, you can drag and drop. But my God, is that the best you can do for billions of dollars?

      • I think you have a point here as well. I was glad to run into your post, as I have been wanting to blog about PARCC myself for the past several weeks. Now I need to get off my duff, do some research and see what I think. Ultimately, however, I suspect I will end up corroborating what you’ve been saying.

  2. This one is better and there is a map to boot.



  1. […] commented on this previously. And one more here. I had forwarded to me an email message about PARCC releasing some kind of planning tools to great […]

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