Pennsylvania Teachers need a little Twisted Sister.

Educators anxious about switch to Keystone Exams

Really?  Why?  It’s just another stupid set of high stakes standardized tests.  Why be anxious?  I have an idea. Pennsylvania teachers, instead of being anxious, how about getting pissed off and taking this issue to the streets and start advocating for your students and your profession?  Haven’t the last 15 years been enough?

“Common Core is part of a national movement to develop standards that will help students compete in the global economy.”

I wonder if the Common Core will teach students how to identify propaganda like the above statement?

This is not about improving schools. And despite what the PA DOE spokesperson Tim (no degree in education) Eller says, the Keystones will do nothing to improve the college readiness of students.  Alignment to the Common Core really means alignment to more high stakes standardized tests.  And that means more money wasted on a carrot and stick (mostly stick) philosophy of education reform that has done nothing in 10 years except demoralize teachers and deprive all students (especially the most disadvantaged) of a comprehensive education.

Our students have never been less prepared for college and the workforce.  Why?  Because success, as defined, in college and the workforce is radically different than meeting arbitrary politically motivated AYP targets. C’mon Pennsylvania teachers.  You’re not “anxious!” You’re fed up and …

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  1. This should be the theme song of teachers across the good ‘ol USA.

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