Parents and Students of District 7 in the Bronx Are About to be Screwed, Again

Parents and Students of District 7 in the Bronx Are About to be Screwed, Again

More from the pages of South Bronx School; Oh the fun does not stop in District 7 in the Bronx. The New York Post reported today that District 7, as the behest of Community Education Council (one wonders whose behest they are working for), that 17 elementary schools in District 7 sill no longer be […]

Lessons from Katrina

The Shock Doctrine Comes to New Jersey Schools Just waiting for Arne Duncan to say Hurricane Sandy was the “best thing that happened to the education system” in New Jersey. While the power is out, entire school districts have literally crumbled the poorest are again being left behind, many homeless now and in already underfunded […]

#Duncan coming after Teacher Education.

According to Arnie Duncan, teacher education programs are “part of the problem.” What problem? Does he mean the fact that in the last 15 years public schools have been turned into test prep factories and that students now receive less instruction in art, music and physical education prior to NCLB and RttT? Does he mean […]

GEDs for the 1%.

Recent news out of Hartford, Connecticut is that the NON PROFIT GED Testing Service is “merging” with Pearson .  This must mean that the GED will be delivered more efficiently because of the enormous resources Pearson will be able to put behind delivering the GED.  This must mean reduced costs and better delivery systems—efficiency! Great news for people seeking […]

Interesting connections re #pearson #studentsfirst et al.


Venn graphic by teacher-blogger Kris Nielsen. FYI.

School Closings and Public Policy- The Anatomy of A Social Catastrophe. Mark Naison

School closings, the threat of which hang over Chicago public schools, and which have been a central feature of Bloomberg educational policies in New York, are perhaps the most controversial features of the Obama Administration’s “Race to the Top” initiative. The idea of closing low performing schools, designated as such entirely on the basis of […]

Guest Post: What was DiCarlo thinking?

By John Thompson As conservative school “reformers” bemoan their defeat in the 2012 election, and as some seem to admit the failure of their “reforms,” some accountability hawks are doing some self-criticism. For instance, Fordham’s Kathleen Porter-Magee says that the reform movement suffers from “group think,” and it could be heading for its educational Bay […]

New science standards: the rip-off continues

Next Generation Science Standards“The second public draft of the Next Generation Science Standards, developed by Achieve, is due for release before the new year.” I posted this comment: To enforce the standards, there must be tests. And as is the case with other common core tests, they will be administered online. And they will be […]

Oh, and one other thing about #PARCC samples, and it’s kind of funny

I’m looking at a 10th grade reading prototype here. You have links to the articles or sample readings. So, you click the links and they take you to a couple of random websites. One is some guy’s blog on poetry. The other for Ovid links randomly to the Sogang University in Korea website that, for […]

Briefly examining sample #PARCC items

I can’t remember, but some have been trying their hardest to convince me that Pearson has nothing to do with anything related to the CCSS and PARCC, as if to somehow placate critique. But when I look at the sample items provided by the PARCC’s own website, I see Pearson’s hands all over everything. You […]

The $10000 degree begs the $60000 question: why?

We hear now that some public colleges in Florida are taking Gov. Scott’s challenge of the $10,000 Bachelors seriously.  How could this cost so little? Valencia’s Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering wouldn’t be less expensive to operate, Shugart indicated, but would simply rely less on student tuition and draw more from the college’s […]

3rd grade Literacy Instruction: College Ready or Toxicity and Disorder?

We need to give a big THANK YOU to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC).  SBAC has released the long anticipated descriptors for college readiness in Language Arts and Mathematics.  Elementary teachers can at last breathe easily.  No more need to wonder. In language arts … 3rd grade students who score at the lowest level … […]

In memory of Harvey Milk: teacher witch-hunts are nothing new

First published on Robert D. Skeels for School Board on November 27, 2012. “Gay people have been slandered nationwide. We’ve been tarred and we’ve been brushed with the picture of pornography.” — Harvey Milk The current crop of teacher-bashing political opportunists including Michelle Rhee, Ben Austin, Peter C. Cook, Gloria Romero, and Andy Smarick, are […]

School to Prison Pipeline in Mississippi

From Alternet, originally published by by  Julianne Hing  The Shocking Details of a Mississippi School-to-Prison Pipeline Wearing the wrong color socks, talking back and being late landed young Cedrico Green in jail. The Justice Department says there are many more students like him November 27, 2012  |     In Meridian, when schools want to […]


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