Yet another At the Chalk Face parody video, a little Flashdance this time. Enjoy

Be forewarned: you’re about to spend roughly three minutes of your life that you’ll NEVER get back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  1. patricia rydeen says:

    Whoa, I can finally be a proficient dancer without the inconvience of sweating or practice. Thank you test making gods.

  2. this could have applied to both a dance or a music standardized test :-)

  3. You two are nuts! Love it !!!

  4. Best video ever.

  5. That is one scary looking middle school kid.


  1. […] such a tangent, wondering what would happen to ballet if we treated it like education, when I saw this video, which sent my mind spinning further. If didn’t have time to watch the whole video, you just […]

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