A brief note on the #ccss from a trusted source

A direct quote. I Recently learned that my district is going to lay off 70 teachers next yr to buy computers for CCSS. Sad that not one organization has had the balls to come out in opposition to CCSS. Sh!t is totally phucked up. Priorities anyone?

Paul Tough Is Way Off-Base. And Stop Saying “Grit”.

Paul Tough Is Way Off-Base. And Stop Saying "Grit".

Over the past few weeks author and journalist Paul Tough and his new book How Children Succeed:  Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character have been making a splash in the world of education reform.  The book has been highlighted in the New York Times, on NPR, and on various other news outlets. And […]

Homeschooling, Freely Unequal


Dismantling The Atlantic Monthly Reform Manifesto2nd Installment I. I introduced the The Atlantic’s Reform pamphlet (“22 pages…”) by focusing on the presentation of content.  But, I regret to say I left out what might have been the most important part: the “cover” of the section.  It’s a TEST BOOKLET!  Surprised? II. Now, this is clearly […]

Kopp’s shameless self-promotion in the guise of a Kozol book review


“Ms. Kopp’s husband, Richard Barth, was an Edison executive before taking over as CEO of KIPP’s national foundation, where he has sought to decertify its New York City unions.” — Jesse James Alred One thing I’ll concede to the corporate education reformers is their uncanny ability to use anything as a sales pitch for neoliberalism […]

Autism, ADHD, Adaptation and Randomization

I. Some time ago I wrote a piece noting how it seems autism is becoming a useful “disorder” to have.  (I used the quotes for a reason which I hope becomes clear.)  The post, “Autism: the next ‘specialty’ credential,” tried to create a kind of choral effect between an essay by Adam Philips on the […]

Let them play!

I have heard several stories emanating from elementary schools in my area and around the nation about the primary grade levels that concern me. Here in New York because of Race to the Top requirements, including teacher evaluation and value-added measures, our children’s elementary days are broken into attendance blocks.  These periods must be a […]


  The following piece was written by Doug Martin back on May 11, 2011. You can find the orignial post here.   Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett sees teachers and their unions as worse than Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) snaking throughout the locker rooms and hallways of Indiana’s public school buildings. Yet, after setting out on his […]

McIntyre Pushes Forward in Knoxville with Proven Failures

Despite a summer smackdown on a planned budget increase for teacher bonus pay based on test scores, and despite the Vanderbilt study that demonstrated that perf pay is a divisive waste of time and money, Eli Broad’s poodle superintendent, Jim McIntyre, forges on.  The question Knox County taxpayers should be asking:  Which legitimate programs are […]

Resegregation Escalates

From the Civil Rights Project at UCLA: –Los Angeles–In the latest of its widely-cited reports analyzing segregation trends in the nation’s public schools, and the first since the beginning of the Obama Administration, the Civil Rights Project today released three new studies showing persistent and serious increases in segregation by race and poverty, with very dramatic results […]

@IUSchoolofed considering letter grades for teacher education

In many states, the influence of Federal and state departments of education is considerable. In contrast to how universities are “supposed” to work, it seems as if a lot of state DOE’s want colleges to work for them. Additionally, there is this assumption that since surrounding school systems hire former teacher candidates, then schools of […]

Twenty-Two Pages of Corporate Education Advertising, Or, The Atlantic Monthly’s "Special Report"

This begins a series of readings concerned with the articles and images found in the October Atlantic Monthly which promote the “Reform Agenda” of both conservatives and liberals (as power has no pure politics).  I will primarily be concerned with the conveyance of ideology.  However, I have asked my Errant collaborator Doug Martin to offer investigative analysis […]

Camden Says No to KIPP Correctional Complex

On August 6 we posted on a corporate sweetheart deal to bilk the city of Camden, NJ out of untold millions to create a total compliance corporate school site in Camden.  The plan included no analysis of how much money the local public schools would lose to KIPP and the hooligan charter operators from Philadelphia, […]

Insights from fasting

I fasted for 24 hours on Yom Kippur and experienced mood changes and fuzzy thinking (even more than usual). Many poor children and their parents feel this way a great deal of the time. Reformers who think poverty can be overcome by will power might try fasting, even for only one day.

A Little Too Ironic

Maybe you’re not 44 and so are not conversant with the movie Reality Bites (its genesis and presentation 20 years past), but I am. The down-and-out 20-something “losers” (heed my punctuation, please) in that film did not exemplify me.  I had a job as an English teacher in a parochial high school in St. Louis, […]

MS-NPR Plays Softball with Arne

Ever since NPR and PBS got serious about fund raising among the oligarchs–Gates and the Koch Bros.–their coverage has suffered and their objectivity has been thrown to the wind.  Can we imagine a more inappropriate scenario than the ecology-killing Koch Boys sponsoring PBS’s most prominent science program, NOVA?  Straight out the imagination of Hunter S. […]


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