Investors Seek to Profit from Privatization of Public Schools

From Real News Network

S.L.O. = S.O.L. for teachers and students.

Picture a kindergartner or first grader heading to school, a mix of excitement, curiosity and fear as the child starts the school year.  How would that child react to starting the school year with an exam containing words and concepts that she has not experienced? Is this “pre-assessment” of skills that a child will need to learn […]

Jane Watson: "Doublethink" is alive and well

Sent to Yakima Herald-Republic (WA) for “Saturday Soapbox”By Jane WatsonAugust 31, 2012 “Doublethink” is alive and well. In 1948, George Orwell wrote 1984. “Big Brother is Watching You” was born. So was “doublethink,” the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously and accepting both of them. TVs watch YOU. Language is paradoxical. […]

Shultz, Sharpton, and Hayes dissed Matthews. So What?

Watch and judge for your self. Is this evidence that MSNBC is starting to “get it” that edreform is really a disguise for dismantling American public schools?  Or is this just evidence that Chris Matthews is a clueless hack? I ask these questions because so far, all I have seen are comments celebrating the […]

#Wordle of Jeb Bush’s speech at the #RNC2012

Jeb Bush

I don’t know how much we can discern from this. I see two things, maybe three. One, strong nod to students, nothing surprising there. A very appealing message. Two, heavy reliance on executive authority to determine the future of education. Perhaps it’s because he was governor and also referring to Governor Romney in his speech. […]

"Who else would title it?": Scripting Students to Death

While it may seem to be little more than semantics to argue about whether teachers are the most important factor in student learning or teachers are the most important in-school factor in student learning, there is now little room to debate that how teachers are being mandated to treat students is inexcusable. The rise of […]

Students vs. Students?

Well, I have to say, asked to become a blogger At The Chalk Face is quite the honor. My name is Stephanie Rivera, and some of you may know me from…or some of you may have no idea what in the world that website is. That is my personal blog on issues in education, […]

Survey Says! Warning: You may not agree with many of the polls.

What game show junkie can’t recall  Richard Dawson calling out these famous words?  “Survey Says!” Take a minute and watch the clip.  It’s an excellent reminder that sometimes people say things much different than what we think they may say.  This especially holds true in education.  As educators, we hopefully know about our profession.  And […]

A message from a pissed off Indiana mom on #walmart and #walton #foundation. Thoughts?

Wal Mart $1000 Gift Card pop up ad

I received via email a very strongly worded message against the reform interference run by Wal-Mart and the Walton Foundation. Seems like the business caters to mothers on a family budget, so perhaps parents and caregivers should know what the discount store is up to that could affect their children’s schools. So, in all of […]

Is the #MOOC for kooks? #highered #edtech

A new educational model is gaining traction, the MOOC, or what the hell, the Massive Online Open Course. I’ve always had the impression that denizens of the MMORPG were lonely shut-ins. See for yourself. Exhibit A. Indeed. So, I saw this pop up, the first humanities MOOC, which somehow gets by the writing requirement for […]

Does a blank blank in the blank? #strike


Yes, yes they do. And, will Chicago teachers take to the streets? Yes, yes they will. 

Chicago Teachers Fight for Our Lives

As New Orleans is once again under water, as the Republican lie machine works overtime in Tampa, and real journalism or reporting is MIA in the corporate media owned airwaves, a social studies teacher is using email to spread the word about what’s happening in Chicago and to teachers and public education all across the […]

What @thechalkface has become, thank you all

In recent weeks, At the Chalk Face has added several authors who’ve made fantastic contributions. Since that time, I’ve noticed the web traffic increasing tremendously, the conversations between author and commenter have been open, honest, and provocative, and our impact on the education reform conversation is growing immensely. At the Chalk Face began in February […]

Are Teacher Educators Hiding in their Towers?


Last night I copied and posted the following comment on my Facebook page from a teacher in Louisiana. The comment was from Diane Ravitch’s blog. The graduate schools of education, doctoral programs and certification providers. Why are they silent [on education reform]? It immediately generated some comments from friends.  Most were in agreement that higher […]

I’m using #Edmodo for one of my classes this fall, #edtech #highered

On another note, I’m using the social learning site Edmodo for the first time with one of my courses. I’ve never been a fan of Blackboard: it’s unattractive, buggy, and clunky. Plus, don’t we pay big bucks for Blackboard licenses? I’d rather put an end to that and join up using some free platforms, no? It […]


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