This is What You Might Think When You’re Going Into #TFA

Today @garyrubinstein tweeted a blog post written by a soon to be TFA teacher in Oklahoma about how disappointed s/he is to discover s/he’ll be teaching in a charter school rather than a traditional public school, where s/he assumes all the teachers must be old, jaded, and apathetic. S/he’s afraid s/he won’t be able to make […]

The #USDOE releases yet another initiative, corporate inspiration included, but subtle #ce12 #edtech

Full press release pasted below. But first, saw this in my inbox today. It’s about celebrating so-called “connected educators” during the month of August. I go through it, blah blah blah, online communities, blah blah, collaboration, blah blah. So, all right, pretty innocent, uninspired, then I see this little paragraph: Online communities and learning networks […]

Public Education: For Me? or Us?

Rachel Levy made some excellent points on her blog yesterday in a post entitled, “So You Think You Can Be an Entrepreneur?” The main idea is that corporate reformers’ attempts to impose business practices, business ideology, and even business language on public education is rather silly, and, more importantly, harmful. Rachel’s focus was on the […]

Scientific American takes an unscientific approach to science education

Science Education: The Problem is Poverty, not Lack of High Standards Sent to Scientific American, July 31, 2012 Scientific American thinks that high science standards are the reason some states do better than others on science tests (Can the US get an ‘A’ in Science? August 2012). There is no evidence this is so. The […]

A continuation of the great #algebra debate of 2012, not a new debate… at all!

So, in a post from yesterday, I weighed in on the usefulness of algebra. I’m not a math educator, so I did my best. But when I read the original NYT piece, I thought, “That’s not just a coincidence, algebra I mean. Why not Trig or Pre-calc? There’s something about algebra, I’ve heard this before.” […]

It’s A Far Cry


This will be an interesting blog post, at least in my opinion, so please, be patient and read fully. At the end, you will have an “a-hah” moment. Yesterday was Geddy Lee’s (of Rush) 59th birthday. I made a special morning of it. A cup of coffee, a cupcake with a candle (hoping this time […]

Instead of worrying about applying the standards, we should be resisting them. To do this, we have to work together.

The Common Core Standards is a tsunami that will destroy all of us unless it is stopped. It is going to cost billions, bleeding money from where it is badly needed and it will soon impose what can only be described as an astonishing amount of testing. All this is happening under false pretenses. There […]

Ok, I’ll weigh in on the great #algebra dispute of 2012

Here’s the original article from the NYT Sunday. Basically, a political scientist (I know, right? What the hell are education researchers doing with all of their time anyway?) argues that math requirements are too stringent and discourage some students from completing their education. On the one hand, we have a post here from Dan Willingham […]

This #studentsfirst astroturf moment is freaking hilarious—>@cdurkinrobinson @rheefirst

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 8.39.32 PM

You’ve heard about this, right? A misguided FL lackey for StudentsLast is bribing parents with $5 gift cards to post “reformy” comments on blogs, or whatever. I’ve included this individual’s Twitter handle in the title to this post. Tell her what you think, even though the account is protected. Some activist. And that picture, rock […]

From @mikephillips1: this is why the Democrats are just as worthless on #edreform


From @mikephillips1: this is why the Democrats are just as worthless on #edreform

Don’t look for any allies in the Democrats. Center-right all the way baby.

Pearson and the Crumbling Foundation of Standardized Testing

 Who would have ever imagined that Pearson would be at the epicenter of the final quake? By MORGAN SMITH In 2006, a math pilot program for middle school students in a Dallas-area district returned surprising results. The students’ improved grasp of mathematical concepts stunned Walter Stroup, the University of Texas at Austin professor behind the […]

At the Chalk Face on #blogtalkradio in two hours!

Join us this evening as we discuss the Project School in Indianapolis, and if we have time, a little bit about the common core, new teacher prep programs, and a little something out of PA. Chat will be open, live tweet as well. 

Diane Ravitch Comes Home

A quick thank you from @thechalkface

I want to thank all of the new readers and commenters out there, the conversation is much more interesting. Always remember that you can follow commentary here, on Twitter, and on the various media sites on the right hand side of the homepage. Check out especially the Blog Talk Radio show and the terrestrial radio […]

News from the front: #AFTconv12 supports resolution, so now what?

Screen Shot 2012-07-28 at 3.55.48 PM

News from the front: #AFTconv12 supports resolution, so now what?

Based on this week, we have yet another resolution as political cover. Unless this is accompanied by an actual #optout this coming school year, it’s only worth whatever paper on which it’s written.


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