Wireless internet: A good investment for schools?

Is wireless internet a good investment for schools?Sent to Seattle Times, May 30, 2012 Re: “Seattle construction levy may include wireless Internet for all schools,” May 28, 2012. By the time voters in Seattle decide whether they want to spend $11.5 million (that’s about $200 per student) largely to install wireless internet in Seattle schools, […]

Who Owns Stock in Pearson?

Sometimes the comments are more profound than the story: Comment on CommonDreams to Valerie Strauss story on High Stakes Standardized Tests The question, reported by the New York Daily News, referred to a story similar to the famous Aesop fable about the tortoise and the hare, but in this version, a talking pineapple challenges a […]

America can’t wait until middle school!

Sent to the Columbus Dispatch, May 30, 2012 High school credit for middle-school courses is of course a step in the right direction, but doesn’t go nearly far enough (“Middle-schoolers get additional shots at taking high-school courses,” May 30). Why wait until middle school? We should strengthen instruction in the earlier years as well. Back […]

Crisis in PA Cracks Ed Privatization Scheme Wide Open

Some good journalism coming out of privatization scheme for Phildadelphia public schools. The lead is at the top of the article for a change: The fiscal crisis facing our public schools is being exploited by a movement to privatize public education, break unions and subject students to high-stakes test-prep regimes. The story is there, not […]

How many other #edreform conflicts of interest are out there that demolish public schools? #soschat

I’m not much of a journalist. I can use teh Google. Maybe I should turn to lexis-nexis next. Perhaps later today. In any case, per the #soschat last evening there the AFT prez Randi Weingarten was a guest, there was some speculation that she had some ties to Broad, which has a reputation for supporting […]

Very evocative conversation on #SOSchat last evening with the prez of #AFT

It was very good of Randi Weingarten to join concerned educators on the #soschat thread last evening. If you’re on Twitter, search taht hashtag and have a look. Do I have any takeaways? Let me list a few: It was good of Randi to participate because she got a good shellacking. It must be tough […]

Wide and Deep: High Stakes Testing Protests Escalate

From Valerie Strauss at WaPo: Opposition to high-stakes standardized testing is growing around the country, with more parents choosing to opt their children out of taking exams, more school boards expressing disapproval of testing accountability systems and even a group of superintendents joining the fight. Just last month I wrote about the growing resistance, noting […]

I hereby declare that the official #classsize for K-6 is…

Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 4.51.37 PM

… 13. No more, no less. But how did I arrive at such a capricious and arbitrary assessment? Funny you should ask. According to President Obama, Secretary Duncan, and all of the charter-pushers out there, and now Romney, class size just doesn’t matter. Well, if it didn’t, then President Obama would not be sending his […]

Summer Reading in Champaign: An Easier and More Effective Way

Published in the News-Gazette (Champaign, IL), June 5, 2012 The summer reading programs in Champaign for high school students have a worthy and sensible goal: Increase interest in recreational reading. This goal, however, can be achieved far more efficiently. The new program described by the News-Gazette (“Champaign high schools now require summer reading,” May 28) […]

An excellent round up of links and stories on the #edreform crisis in #philly

I’ll refrain from mentioning the person for now, but I was sent an email with a bunch of great links and updates on the battle for Philly schools. Here they are, pasted below.   Pennsylvania Education Crisis Highlights – May 29, 2012   Pa. school districts anticipate further cuts More than half of Pennsylvania’s school […]

Naison: What is Lost When Teaching as a Lifetime Calling is Undermined: A Personal Reflection

With A Brooklyn Accent by. Mark Naison Today, teachers, from elementary school through the university, are the targets of a ferocious effort to force them to conform to private sector norms of accountability, productivity, and market driven competition. The assault takes two major forms- an effort to quantify student leaning so that teacher effectiveness can […]

McEducation in the Corporate Age: i’m loving it

The Huntington Teacher by. Horace Mann. Dear Teacher  School Worker, Ask the kid in back with the McGrease-stained shirt what his job is and he’ll tell you, “I work at McDonald’s.”  He doesn’t say “I’m Sous Chef at McDonald’s.”  There are no Sous Chef at a McDonald’s.  Just like there will soon be no more […]

TX honor roll student jailed for #truancy: I’m dubious… now UPDATED!

Perhaps an outrage and abuse of power. An over-worked high school student in TX was jailed for 24 hours for missing school one too many days. Apparently, she works two jobs and takes college level credits. Obviously, the judge is making an example of her, which he admits. The only reason I’m dubious though is […]

A petition to replace @arneduncan with someone who’s actually, you know, educated

Interesting petition going around. They need roughly 24,000 signatures. Go here to sign on. You know, one thing about these petitions that I’ve seen, including Dump Duncan. You have these a-holes Millions of Moms or whatever, bigoted a-holes who pass petitions around to boycott Home Depot for supporting LGBT causes. They’re able to get over […]

Teaching as a calling by Mark Naison. Is it?

I saw this pop up on Facebook as a note. Mark’s been invited to post At the Chalk Face, but I’m going to just paste his insightful note here. Sorry Mark, but it’s out there. I will say this at first, however. Over the last century or more, many have defended teaching as a calling. […]


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