Join the National Boycott Against Pearson

Share widely.  From United Opt Out: Pearson, ALEC, and the Brave New (Corporate) World:  Stand Up to Pearson Now! Supporters of Public Education, The curtain has been pulled aside recently from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), exposing the seedy underbelly of our democracy. Organizations like ALEC circumvent the democratic process in favor of corporations. […]

Nashville’s Mayor Dean Commits Almost 10% of 4-Year School Improvement Budget to One KIPP

In Nashville, as in many metropolitan areas, capital improvement funds are short and the need is large.  Nashville Metro has identified needed school improvements that amount to $185 million. Mayor Dean has committed $16 million, or almost 10 percent of Nashville Metro’s 4-year school capital improvement budget, for a new segregated KIPP, Inc. corporate charter […]

Have you listened to Episode 52 of @thechalkface? I know @slekar did. Peer pressure!

Here it is. We chat about Pearson, pay cuts in WI courtesy of Imperial Walker, and the common core.

@thechalkface does an appearance on @forwardwithkurt in Madison, listen up!

You can listen to the appearance here. Have I posted this already? I don’t remember. Well, here it is again.

Money for the central office and not for schools in #Baltimore, business as usual, thanks @edit_barry

Thanks for Edit Barry for pointing this out, and you can check her list of other readings here. The Sun reports that: New furniture, a flat-screen television, decorative light fixtures, interactive white boards — these are among amenities the city school system bought during $500,000 in renovations to the central office, even as administrators decried […]

Guest Post: Educating Business Ethics, Douglas Storm

Educating Business Ethics Douglas Storm The population of the US seems to be experiencing a kind of national awakening regarding the harsh and endemic inequalities of our “Us vs Them” economic reality.  Though it seems possible that our bail-out and bubble-induced slogans of solidarity will fade into our historical moment to be studied by the […]

David Coleman’s Global Revenge and the Common Core


 As you grow up in this world you realize people really don’t give a shit about what you feel or what you think. –David Coleman at NY State Department of Education presentation, April 2011 In order to give the above quote the context it deserves, here is the clip from Mr. Coleman’s speech.  Please notice […]

@thechalkace and @slekar were on with @forwardwithkurt of Forward Radio in WI on Friday

We chatted education reform, especially the recent salary debacle imposed by Imperial Walker in WI. Here’s the podcast. What was it, 30 minutes I think?

The Common Core: A serious threat to libraries and free voluntary reading

Posted on April 28, 2012, as a comment following CCSS and us, by Joyce Valenza The common core standards and their spawn, national tests, are a serious threat to libraries and in-school free reading: the amount of money to be spent on standards (I estimate about $25 billion just to make sure all students are […]

Is the US Department of Education Saying Educational Administrators Should be Non-Educators?

The following was presented as an exemplary quote in Teaching Matters, published by the US Department of Education. It is listed among the “top 5 teacher quotes” and labelled as “wisdom from teachers heard by ED” (Department of Education): “We need good teachers to stay as teachers, not move to administration.” (Teacher in Va.) […]

How Much Teachers Affect Student Achievement, and Other Myths

Thanks, largely, to the irresponsible and sloppy messaging by some statisticians and psychometricians who know better, there is an ugly meme circulating that teachers are the most influential factor influencing student achievement, and so, if we can just get rid of the bad teachers and replace them with non-teachers with no experience and no benefits […]

Opt Out Movement Grows As Resistance to High Stakes Tests Intensifies

ht to Stan Karp: Opting Out of NJ ASK NJ Spotlight Reilly, a former literacy director in Newark and then assistant superintendent in Hackensack as well as Morristown, said it has clearly led to a narrowing of curriculum that is only harming students. She is now a consultant in coaching teachers, including in New York […]

"Support Our Schools" Astroturf Group Rallies With Letter Writing Campaign to County Commissioners

The shenanigans going on this spring in Knoxville, TN, offer a powerful case study of corporate control of schools in action. A few weeks before Eli Broad’s East TN transplant, Jim McIntyre, delivered his State of the Schools speech in January of this year, a new grassroots astroturf group was formed to push the Broadie […]

@john_merrow is a good guy, so read his post at Learning Matters; if you’re a teacher, share your experiences with #testing

Here’s the post again. Read through some of the comments and join the conversation. I think he’d like to know more about Pearson and other corporate entities that are wielding an unfair and unreasonable influence on public education.

Jim McIntyre Sending $4,000,000 in Public Funds to Pearson for Testing & "Erasure Analysis"

How many billions of dollars has all the damaging and unethical high stakes testing of children cost states and the Federal government over the past 25 years?  Not nearly as much a Pearson, CBT/McGraw-Hill, and SAS are planning for in the coming generation of year-round testing in every subject, as they plan to make the […]


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